Allbridge Announces TraknProtect with Ruckus IoT Suite Integration

Press Release from Allbridge

RALEIGH, N.C. , June 18, 2019  – Allbridge, the leading provider of datavideo, and voice solutions for Hospitality, Healthcare, and Higher Education properties, announces the addition of TraknProtect employee safety devices (ESDs) to the Allbridge product portfolio. Allbridge manages the new ESDs using the Ruckus Networks (now part of CommScope) IoT Suite. The combination of TraknProtect and the Ruckus IoT Suite provides a reliable, proven solution to meet hotels’ staff alert needs, without requiring a new network infrastructure.

The need for improved employee safety measures within the Hospitality industry has risen in recent years prompting many markets to implement regulation to protect staff. The American Hotel & Lodging Association, in partnership with five of the largest hotel brands, announced the 5-Star Promise in 2018, a pledge to provide hotel employees across the US with ESDs by 2020. Through ordinances or collective bargaining agreements, many hotels in cities such as Seattle, New York, Washington D.C., and Chicago have already distributed the devices.

The complete TraknProtect solution includes a portable safety button that provides real-time alerts via SMS, push notifications, desktop alerts, or email for housekeepers, maintenance personnel, and room attendants providing services in the guest room. An associated cloud-based application tracks false alarms and on-property safety calls, providing hotel management with tools to further enhance security.

“Staff safety devices have already been mandated for hotels in New York, Seattle and Chicago, and we believe that many metropolitan areas will follow,” said Matt Koch, Chief Product Officer for Allbridge. “This comprehensive staff safety solution gives hotel employees the protection and peace of mind they need, while giving hotel owners a uniquely cost-effective way of implementing it.”

The staff alert devices communicate to the associated cloud service via IoT-enabled Ruckus H510 access points deployed throughout a property. The Ruckus IoT Suite manages TraknProtect device onboarding, security and protocol translation, while acting as a gateway to the TraknProtect cloud application and dashboard.

“For hotel properties that make use of Ruckus access network infrastructure, the Ruckus IoT Suite simplifies, secures and reduces costs for staff safety and other IoT solution implementations,” said Mark Grodzinsky, GM of IoT, Ruckus Networks. “By consolidating multiple physical-layer IoT networks into a single network, Ruckus eliminates network overlays. By rigorously integrating IoT solutions such as TraknProtect into the Ruckus IoT Suite, we enable Allbridge to deliver a fully integrated, proven staff safety solution. We’re excited about the opportunity to address the compelling need for staff safety together with our partners Allbridge and TraknProtect.”

Allbridge’s decision to partner with TraknProtect is directly related to the industry demand to bring a safety alert platform onto the property network. TraknProtect’s integration with the Ruckus IoT Suite makes their solution even more compelling. Every complementary product within the Allbridge product set supports the company’s mission to deliver an integrated and connected experience, simplifying technologies for customers and their guests.

“Providing safer environments for Hospitality workers and their guests is always a key part of our mission, and this integration will help hotels not only meet their mandated safety requirements, but will also drive additional value for our customers by helping them leverage the Ruckus infrastructure. We’re excited to partner with both Ruckus and Allbridge in helping customers benefit from these opportunities,” commented TraknProtect CEO, Parminder Batra.

Allbridge was established when Bulk TV & Internet, DCI Design Communications, and EthoStream merged combining expertise in data, video, and voice solutions. The company has brought together the most knowledgeable implementation staff in the industry, and an expansive, nationwide support network.

Allbridge will be exhibiting the TraknProtect staff safety solution in addition to several other new products in booth #1326 at HITEC 2019 in Minneapolis. To learn more about all of the product offerings, visit

About Allbridge
Allbridge delivers one connected experience with all data, video, and voice technologies for Hospitality, Healthcare, and Higher Education organizations. Formerly Bulk TV & Internet, DCI Design Communications, and EthoStream, Allbridge currently serves more than one million rooms nationally and positions properties for the future while strengthening the relationships they have with their customers. The company is headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina with additional offices in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Garden City, New York.  For more information please visit

About TraknProtect
TraknProtect is a real-time location technology provider enabling hotels to harness the power of location data and integrate it into their safety & operations systems. TraknProtect provides enhanced safety devices (ESDs) for hotel employees through activation of a safety button integrated solution alerting security personal to the location of employees in need of assistance.  The platform provides additional access to real-time locations and data about hotel inventory, room service trays, and vendor activity on property. The TraknProtect software platform is also enabling hotels to enhance guest satisfaction, increase employee efficiency, and improve employee safety by using TraknProtect data analytics to save significant capital costs and make smarter inventory purchasing decisions and improved management of outside vendors.

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