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  • Sharpsmart

    The first reusable sharps waste containment system to actively protect against needlestick injuries and infection risk while dramatically reducing environmental burden. The Sharpsmart is recognized in global medical journals as being the safest sharps container in the world. Daniels Sharpsmart,... Read More
  • Medismart

    The first clinically-engineered bagless medical waste disposal container designed to eliminate hand-contact and "touches" supported by a high-level decontamination washing process 4 times higher than CDC requirements. The lack of infection control products and processes in the healthcare waste... Read More
  • Pharmasmart

    The first reusable pharmaceutical waste disposal container designed to protect from unauthorized access of disposed drugs and medications. Inbuilt security locks and lockable brackets prevent unauthorized removal of container. Incorrectly disposed or unsecured Pharmaceutical waste can have a... Read More

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  • Sharpsmart: 86% Carbon Emissions Reduction By

    This article explores the positive impacts that the Sharpsmart sharps container system had on Winchester & Eastleigh Healthcare NHS Trust, a 400-bed small acute trust, including a reduction in sharps injuries, a reduction in their carbon footprint, and cost and time savings for staff. Read more