TSOLife Unveils Innovative Survey and Feedback Platform

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Tampa-based technology company, TSOLife, announces launch of its survey and feedback platform

TAMPA, Fla., April 23, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- TSOLife, the leading resident insight and experience platform, proudly unveils its latest innovation – a groundbreaking survey and feedback platform. This cutting-edge platform delivers real-time insights and automates resolution strategies for both corporate and community-level users. In a sector where time is of the essence, TSOLife's unwavering commitment to efficiency ensures that communities can promptly address concerns, fostering a positive and thriving environment.

TSOLife resident insight and experience platform

The platform includes pulse surveys and structured surveys that are accessible to staff, residents, and their family members, and delivers in-depth insights into feedback and key survey metrics. Through a comprehensive feedback dashboard, users can access detailed information on metrics such as active resolutions, completed resolutions, speed-to-solution rate, resolutions by department, and more, equipping them with accurate insights into their community's performance at any given time.

"Empowering our customers with innovative solutions that significantly enhance their daily lives and contribute to heightened efficiency and satisfaction is the driving force behind our ongoing commitment to introducing new tools," stated David Sawyer, Founder and CEO of TSOLife. "We are thrilled to offer a solution that enables our users to track feedback in real-time, providing quicker recommended solutions and action plans than ever before."

About TSOLife
TSOLife is a resident insight and experience platform, designed to empower senior living operators with actionable insights that facilitate real-time data-driven decisions. Fueled by artificial intelligence (AI), our platform simplifies data creation through embedded analytics, offering customers person-centered data that leads to measurable enhancements in residents' quality of life, transformative outcomes for staff, and a complete redefinition of senior living operations. For more information on TSOLife, visit www.tsolife.com

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