Elixir Images

PO Box 87
Santa Fe, NM 87504

About Elixir Images

We are Emmy Award winning filmmakers & professional photographers passionate about storytelling and the power of nature & imagery to calm, heal & connect.

At Elixir Images, we have a gallery of images that can provide healing & restorative well-being with a sense of tranquility & peace to any space. From inspiring office workers to encourage learning & knowledge retention for children, to aiding in promoting better outcomes for patients, and a calming environment for visitors and staff, we can also provide custom art for any specific project or space you need. We do provide digital licenses for our work to corporations, art consultants, designers, and beyond, as well as discounts for non-profit organizations. We also are committed to giving back 10% of our net profits to organizations, causes & projects that touch our lives & our world.

We don't think spreading compassion, kindness & connections is a business, but that is what we do. We think it's just human. Do good.

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