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About Hospitality Bio Cleaners

HBC Environmental Management provides commercial hygiene and disinfecting products and services combined with total environmental safety solutions for high traffic areas in facilities of all shapes and sizes. We focuses on preventing the spread of disease in facilities.

HBC provides weekly hygiene and disinfection services including long-lasting microbial protection for homes, offices, and more! Laboratory proven to be over 99% effective against pathogens, our EPA registered disinfectant sprays, proprietary sanitizing solutions, anti-microbial films and air treatment systems provide immediate and long term protection. HBC offers customized, complete disinfecting solutions at a price that’s accessible to everyone!

We have re-invented the way businesses provide healthy environments by designing complete environmental safety solutions that protect businesses and homes with workplace environment safety management.

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Products by Hospitality Bio Cleaners

By Hospitality Bio Cleaners

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