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White Papers by Urban Poling Inc.
  • Nordic Walking Clinical Trial By

    Active approaches including both specific and unspecific exercise are probably the most widely recommended treatment for patients with chronic low back pain but it is not known exactly which types of exercise provide the most benefit. Nordic Walking - power walking using ski poles - is a popular... Read more
  • ACTIVATOR Poles compared to other mobility devices By

    Evidence based ACTIVATORâ„— Poles are revolutionizing rehabilitation. They are prescribed extensively in all continuums of health care as an effective alternative (or in conjunction) to canes and to reduce or delay the use of crutches and walkers (under the assessment of a therapist). Read more
  • How therapist-designed Nordic walking poles are transforming gait training By

    Nordic walking is set to revolutionize rehabilitation and gait retraining in the USA supported by improved outcomes in 299 independent research studies published on PubMed. Outcomes include improved balance, increased gait speed and stride length, decreased gait variability, and the promotion of... Read more
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