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About Southpaw Enterprises, Inc.

Southpaw Multi-Sensory Environments (MSE) – Create Life-Altering Space for Clients
Changing lights, sounds, & vibration during a session allows users to synchronize patterns of reception in the brain which lead to better control & self-regulation. MSE helps therapists establish new patient’s routines & goals - increasing & maintaining self-esteem, increasing communication, decreasing isolation & anxiety, and increasing control & empowerment & offers treatment options for agitated or aggressive behavior, declining speech, cycle of wandering, & sleep disturbance. With MSE therapy, facilities can lessen need to hire more staff/administer extra medication because patient behavior becomes less erratic. Southpaw offers custom design & manufacturing, MSE room design, on-site training, installation assistance. Products Include interactive fiber optics & bubble columns, vibro-acoustics, interactive panels, rovers.

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