Cincinatti, OH makes mobility challenged passenger's transportation experience better with Low Floor Frontrunners

Press Release from Frontrunner Bus Group

Cincinnati Metro launched 10 new Access paratransit vehicles into service.


The state-of-the-art vehicles from New England Wheels, which were purchased from Tesco, feature updated technology, including a kneeling suspension system and a new ramping system.

Cincinnati’s New Paratransit Vehicles

The new vehicles are part of Metro's ongoing efforts to enhance accessibility and improve the overall experience for passengers with disabilities.

Over time, Metro plans to upgrade the entire Access fleet of nearly 50 vehicles to similar models.

“Metro continues to prioritize the needs of all riders across every line of service," said Darryl Haley, CEO/GM of Metro. "By incorporating these new features, we are ensuring that our passengers with disabilities have a comfortable and convenient travel experience."

Improving the Boarding Experience

The kneeling suspension system is a feature that allows the vehicle to lower its height, making it easier for passengers with mobility challenges to board and exit the vehicle. The new ramping system replaces traditional lifts, providing a smoother and more efficient process for wheelchair users and those with mobility aids.

The introduction of these new vehicles not only enhances the accessibility and convenience for passengers with disabilities but also marks the first time Metro’s new branding will be prominently displayed on Access vehicles.


Low Floor Frontrunner at Cincinnati Metro - Transit leading the way for Senior Living quality transportation experience

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