Vizocom ICT LLC

860 Jamacha Rd Ste 104
El Cajon, CA 92109

About Vizocom ICT LLC

Vizocare is an online store for workplace health and safety products with over 3000 products including PPE (masks, respirators, gloves, gowns, face shields, sanitizers, dispensers), OTC antigen test kits and over 200 models of air purifiers.
Over 10,000 schools, and 2000+ government agencies and private companies rely on Vizocare for their health and safety products. They choose Vizocare because of:
•\tReliable and consistent supply of quality products
•\tSpecial plans for recurring orders
•\tBest BULK prices with free shipping
•\tMultiple warehouses across the nation
•\tDedicated account manager
•\tFree technical consultation
•\tWe are registered with FDA/SAM/IPP

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