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  • Top Patient Engagement KPIs

    Are your patients tired of arriving early for medical appointments? Do they spend half an hour filling out forms about their history? These factors can lead to missed appointments and lower revenue. Digital patient intake forms offer an ideal solution because they improve patients’ visits. Here...
  • Trends & Metrics to Monitor Patient Self-Scheduling

    What is a medical practice’s worst nightmare? A full appointment book with an empty waiting room. The best way to avoid this scenario is to allow patients to book and cancel their own appointments online. Here’s a scary fact; one in four scheduled medical visits end up as no-shows. Missed...
  • Patient Attendance Predictor

    It’s no secret that patient no-shows are a drain to medical practices like yours. In fact, you lose an estimated $200 in revenue for every missed appointment. Unfortunately, that’s part of owning a medical or mental health care practice. But what if there was a simple, streamlined way to reduce...
  • CIO Telemedicine Cheat Sheet

    Do you need to maximize the effectiveness of your telehealth program? Here are the top 6 telehealth KPIs every CIO should know & track for success this year.
  • 6 Secrets from the Most Productive Telemedicine Programs

    A great telehealth program is true to the core values of the healing arts. Since ancient times, therapies have sought to combine empathy, knowledge, and tools at hand to ease the suffering of others. The rise of computing has brought video meetings from the boardroom to the living room. With...
  • A Future Vision for Patient Engagement in Healthcare for Patients & Providers

    Digital health in the post-pandemic world is going to revolutionize how patients interact with healthcare organizations and providers. What will the future look like for digital healthcare over the next few years? Matt McBride, CEO & Co-Founder of Mend, shares a vision for the digital healthcare...
  • 12 Telemedicine & Digital Health Engagement KPIs Every Executive Should Know

    Building a productive and sustainable telemedicine and patient engagement strategy is vital for the future success of large health organizations. Mend presents KPIs every healthcare executive should track along with actual data from millions of patients.
  • 19 Essentials for Highly Productive Telehealth Programs From Millions of Telemedicine Visits

    Leverage our key learnings from the past few years to help you institute and improve a telehealth program for your organization. In this guide, you will learn how to: Improve your operations and telemedicine workflows •Navigate legal, technical, and billing hurdles •Identify telehealth features...
  • The Primary Care Physician’s Guide to Streamlining Patient Visits to Increase Revenue

    Patients today desire more from their primary care physicians. This guide will show you how to meet these growing demands by: •Reimagining the patient visit •Rethinking the patient experience •Finding the best technologies to increase your revenue
  • 5 Telehealth Platform Features Your Behavioral Health Practice Needs to Reduce No-Shows

    The digital age has changed the relationship between providers and patients. The good news is that means you can take advantage of new telehealth tools to strengthen connections and improve attendance rates. Learn how to… *Speed Up Time to Care *Proactively Engage Patients *Revolutionize the...
  • 2021 Guide to Fully Integrating Telehealth & Eliminating No-Shows

    Telehealth is here to stay. Easily integrate it with your practice as well as reduce administrative overhead and patient no-shows with this guide.
  • Ultimate Guide to Eliminating No-Shows in Mental Health Organizations

    This guide will help you understand why patients no-show and how to move to single-digit no-show rates. You learn the reasons, how to analyze your operations, and what to do to stop them from happening so you can help more people.
  • Predicting the Future of Telehealth through Statistics

    This white paper examines recent data and trends to draw insights into the future of telehealth. How are patients reacting to telehealth? How are providers responding to the utilization of telehealth? Answers to these questions and many more on access, adoption, experiences, administrative...
  • The Key Performance Indicators of Successful Telehealth & Patient Engagement Programs in 2022

    Managing a successful telehealth or patient engagement program can demonstrate several challenges; as such, choosing the right platform partner ahead of time requires extensive research and evaluation. In this guide, you will find the top key performance indicators (KPIs) to consider when...
  • 5 Studies Showing Impact of Telehealth in 2021

    What did 2021 teach us about the future of telehealth? In this guide, you will review 5 studies that focused on the impact of telehealth in different aspects of healthcare, particularly during the pandemic.
  • The Always-Up-To-Date Telehealth Billing Guide

    If you don’t know how to bill for telemedicine, this telehealth reimbursement guide covers everything you need to know to get started: