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About MedaCube™ by PharmAdva

PharmAdva LLC is a leading provider of innovative medication management solutions, offering the MedaCube system designed to empower individuals in senior living and assisted living communities. With a strong focus on medication adherence, MedaCube ensures timely and accurate dispensing of medications, providing peace of mind for both patients and caregivers. Experience peace of mind and better health with PharmAdva's innovative MedaCube.

Products by MedaCube™ by PharmAdva

By MedaCube™ by PharmAdva

MedaCube™ Automatic Pill Dispenser

When the MedaCube prompts you, touch the screen. A drawer on the right pops out with your dose. Simply tip the drawer to take your pills, then push in the drawer to close it. That's it! 90-day supply for up to 16 different medications (Holds 12 medications out of the box, optional Expanded... Read more »

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By MedaCube™ by PharmAdva

MedaCube™ Extra Pill Bin Set for Additional Medications

Configure your MedaCube with 8 large bins, 16 standard bins or any mix in between Duplicate bins can not be loaded into the MedaCube at the same time How to determine which set you need - if you already have your MedaCube: Log into the MedaCube portal and navigate to My MedaCubes > Supply Remaining Read more »

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