Insights and Actionable Data Key Features of New Wound Care Dashboards

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Net Health® Tissue Analytics introduces a new resource for hospitals, private practice, and home health wound care providers.

Managing a wound care department at a busy hospital or clinic is no easy task. There are staffing issues, scheduling snafus, reporting requirements, patient and family needs to address . . . and that’s just the first hour of the day.

Imagine doing all that in the dark, with no easy access to insights to help streamline and improve the process. Yes, information is available on schedules, performance, chart notes, etc., but there’s no easy way to get to it, and large portions of the day are spent just trying to find information. Yet that’s just the scenario that many wound care managers face daily. Lots of needs, lots of questions, lots of information, and no easy way to access and use it. 


Our latest ebook, “When It Comes to Your Wound Care Data, Use It! Don’t Lose It!” provides an overview of our latest solution to help our clients better address the challenges they face.

Net Health Tissue Analytics has long recognized the difficulties in managing wound care programs today. We are recognized as an industry leader in providing resources and solutions to help streamline workflow and ensure providers have more time for patient care and less need for paperwork. We’ve taken that commitment to productivity, efficiency, performance, and job satisfaction further with our latest innovative solution, Wound Care Dashboards.

Focused on Actionable Data

This newest resource is designed to provide busy wound care providers instant access to a wide range of actionable clinical and operational insights.

For example, what if department managers want a quick overview of areas of need, overall highlights, potential problem areas, and other issues related to program performance? Or what if leadership needs insights across all facilities in a system – whether a free-standing clinic or a hospital?

Those requests usually add even more time for managers to pull and manipulate data and create reports. By taking a quick look at our Wound Care Dashboards, managers can easily see the status of evaluations and check in with staff to offer support or reminders.

The clinical information provided includes:

·  Wounds Treated

·  Healed

·  Improving

·  Deteriorating

Operational insights include:

·  Counts on different types of wounds

·  Wound care evaluations by date, floor, facility

·  Evaluations still open and unsigned

Information You Need, When You Need It

One of the benefits of Tissue Analytics is that its data allows for accurate and consistent views of wound healing – and potential risks – for every patient. The information to ensure outstanding outcomes is right there.

The challenge is sharing that quickly and seamlessly with all care team members. And that, in a nutshell, is what our Wound Care Dashboards will do. 

Our latest ebook provides additional insights into the functionality of our Wound Care Dashboards and the value they can bring to a broad range of wound care programs – from multi-site urban hospitals to home health teams to clinics.

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We invite you to read “When It Comes to Your Wound Care Data, Use It! Don’t Lose It!” And check out our new Fact Sheet here.

And of course, as always, if you would like a free demonstration, contact us today or any time!

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