Vivreau Unveils New Water Dispensers

Press Release from Vivreau Advanced Water Systems

Vivreau Water, the market leader in filtered water systems and a scientific expert in taste and filtration, unveiled the Top Pro and Extra I-Tap water dispensers. Designed for today’s hygiene-aware culture, the dispensers include advanced filtration capabilities and enhanced hygiene features.

ThermalGate™ & HygienePlus Technologies

The Top Pro and Extra I-Tap dispensers feature Vivreau’s exclusive ThermalGate™ technology, which automatically heats the outlet tap at regular intervals to protect against retrograde contamination from external sources. Both systems come with optional HygienePlus™ technology designed for hygiene-sensitive environments, offering three layers of protection against microbial cysts and bacteria, including legionella.

“Encouraging healthy hydration in the workplace can help increase productivity, mental wellness, and overall workplace happiness,” explains Drew Hamilton, Vivreau’s Managing Director. “We offer the finest micro-filtered water to remove contaminants, preserve beneficial minerals, and deliver great tasting water with every fill.”

Eco-friendly and diverse water options

Already an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic bottled water, the Top Pro and Extra I-Tap dispensers also operate on reduced power consumption to further reduce emissions and help companies progress their sustainability targets. The systems dispense four different types of water to meet individual preferences: chilled still, sparkling, semi-sparkling and ambient.

Designed for use in commercial spaces, Vivreau’s portfolio includes both counter-mounted and floor-standing water dispensers, elegant custom branded glass bottles, and all natural flavor enhancers that provide a healthy alternative to sugary sodas. All Vivreau dispensers meet the strict water taste and quality standards of our in-house team of water sommeliers, meaning hydrators can enjoy premium, great tasting water – and help save the environment – with every fill. In 2022, Vivreau’s North American community saved the use of 32 million plastic bottles and is on track to double that amount in 2023. 

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