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About teleCalm

teleCalm is a senior-friendly phone service uniquely designed to alleviate stress and confusion that may be associated with telecommunications for seniors and their caregivers. It offers numerous features like curbing repeated dialing, custom quiet hours, scam protection, and enhanced call filtering, providing seniors and caregivers peace of mind. With its easy-to-use, non-intrusive technology, teleCalm simplifies communication, improves safety, and allows caregivers to remotely monitor calls, setup quiet hours, and more, for flexible and personalized care.

Communities love us because:
- There is no cost to the community
- We don't use facility resources like internet or phone wiring
- We work with the family directly, saving staff time
- We stop 9-1-1 abuse and ensure safe phone use - even in memory care

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Products by teleCalm

By teleCalm

teleCalm Trust is the best choice for independent seniors who want a home phone service that blocks robocallers and scammers. Our proprietary system learns over time who trusted contacts are based on their calling habits. With teleCalm Trust, the first few times a person calls, they will be... Read more »

By teleCalm

teleCalm Caregiver is our flagship home phone service that stops ALL problem calls for seniors, even seniors with dementia or other cognitive challenges. This life-changing phone service empowers the family caregiver to stop late-night calls, repeated calls, 911 abuse, and protects seniors from... Read more »

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teleCalm Caregiver Services

teleCalm Caregiver Services

teleCalm Caregiver Services

By teleCalm

teleCalm stops problem calls for families living with Alzheimer’s & other cognitive challenges, including late-night calls, repeated calls and 911 abuse.
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