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31 NE 17th Street Miami
Miami, FL 33132

About Heyday Fitness

Heyday is the first connected fitness training startup providing fun, personal, and safe strength training equipment and programs to active adults.

65+ adults risk losing 30% of their muscle strength every passing decade when not engaged in regular strength training.

Heyday helps 55+ active adults regain their strength and build a more vibrant and active community. Our user-friendly AI-powered programs come in complemented with innovative gamified workout sessions. Low-impact resistance workouts are personalized at every step to suit you better. Know your progress every day to get ready for a better tomorrow.

Together, let's build a more engaging and active community!

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Products by Heyday Fitness

By Heyday Fitness

Our product is designed to make strength training more convenient and fun. It is an all-in-one device that provides full-body training in a sitting position, making it safer and more convenient. It is A.I. powered, providing personalized workout programs and digital resistance that cuts upon the... Read more »