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Compare and research companies that provide dietary platforms and foodservice systems software for use in the management and provision of senior living dining services.


Food Service Management Software

Inventory & Purchasing: MealSuite allows you to download your food distributor’s order guide(s) and track products in your storage locations to calculate and report inventory levels and values. Reporting options include up-to-date inventory valuation, analysis of inventory by GL/accounting code and more.
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The Crandall Web Center: The Crandall Web Center is an online compilation of resources designed with your busy schedule in mind. Success in your dietary departments begins with the right information at your fingertips. Each corporation, community and dietitian has a web space in the CWC tailored specifically to meet...
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Automate and standardize daily reminders, processes and ensure a safe environment. Remind staff to wash hands, create top of mind awareness for everyday tasks, establish accountability for cleaning high touch surfaces with frequency. Stay compliant, manage food supply and spending, and manage your food service operations to ensure your guests look forward to mealtime.



Superior nutrition planning, menu management, and analysis software that enables care providers to efficiently manage menu planning and food production operations. MealTracker offers features that help improve satisfaction, compliance, and outcomes while saving time and reducing food waste.

Recipes & Rotations – Real Food for Mom and Dad is a web-based subscription service, offering senior-living communities chef-developed, dietitian-approved menus, recipes and associated tools. It's real food – the way your residents cooked for themselves and enjoyed for years.

At CBORD, we pride ourselves in being a leading provider for nutrition, food production, privilege control, and commerce services in education, healthcare, and related markets. Proud Member of Argentum

ServingIntel is a leading provider of transaction management solutions for senior living and family dining that enables you to best serve your guests and increase operating income. ServingIntel exists to increase the sales, profits, and quality of life for our partners. We offer cutting edge...

FullCount® is a full-service, point-of-sale software system designed specifically to satisfy the unique needs of retirement communities. You'll quickly realize the efficiencies in billing, recordkeeping, and ordering that FullCount makes possible—each just a click away on the easy-to-use touch...

VisualTouch POS specializes in providing robust and reliable Point of Sale solutions for a wide range of industries, whether you're running a senior living community, retail outlet, or hospitality establishment. With over 30 years of experience, it empowers businesses to gain complete control...

ARBA Retail Systems, established in 1984, is a leading provider of comprehensive Point of Sale (POS) solutions, catering to healthcare facilities, corporations, and independent retail businesses across the USA and Canada. Its richly functional and easy-to-use POS products are designed by...

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