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Find the right EHR system for your senior living community to reduce administrative burdens, store comprehensive resident health data, track care plans, and ensure a higher quality of care. Maintaining health records and care charts in a digital format improves patient care by ensuring care teams can efficiently store, manage, and share medical records across hospitals, clinics, labs, and physicians as necessary. The benefits of simplifying access to health data for care teams include more efficient care decisions, better coordination of care, and reduced medical error. An EHR system that integrates with resident portals and billing platforms can improve overall operational efficiency, resulting in more satisfied residents and staff members.

If your care team is looking to implement or update an electronic health record system, ensure these components are available to monitor and manage resident care.

Key EHR Software Features

  • HIPAA compliance
  • Core health record storage
  • Access to comprehensive medication records 
  • Visit schedule and appointment notes
  • Integration with labs and pharmacies
  • Integration with internal care planning and patient/resident portal software
  • Telemedicine functionality
  • Billing integration
  • Ease of use
  • Ongoing tech support
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Net Health

EHR Software & Healthcare Analytics

Net Health Therapy for Senior Living: Net Health + Alinea frees therapists to spend less time on paperwork and more time with patients, driving efficiency and productivity, and increasing satisfaction. Through automating intake and RCM workflows and efficiently screening for care opportunities, therapists can deliver care when it’s...
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ResiDex Software

Designed by nurses, for nurses

RTasks - Electronic Health Records: RTasks makes the entry and management of Electronic Health Records easy and efficient. From the creation of a basic Resident Profile to the addition of services, meds, notes, storage of documents, and more, the process of creating a complete client record is intuitive and...
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Skilled Nursing: Deliver and document the highest quality of care. Lighten workloads, maintain compliance and maximize time spent with residents through a simple yet comprehensive solution for skilled nursing providers. Connect skilled nursing with all facets of your senior living operations to reduce costs,...
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Senior Living Engagement & Communication Solutions

Senior Living EHR: Improve Compliance and Care Team Efficiency with Caremerge’s Senior Living EHR Utilize a Solution Built for Assisted Living and Memory Care Communities that Caters to Your Care Team’s Specific Needs. Empower Your Caregivers To Provide a Better Level of Care: Give your care team the ability...
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Eldermark Software

Senior Living Software Solutions

Caregiver Management Software Solutions for Senior Living Nursing Administration: Disjointed, disconnected solutions make it challenging and time-consuming to provide exceptional care and see everything about your residents in a single location. Just think about how much time you’re wasting navigating multiple applications that you can’t spend with your residents. By...
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Senior Living Software

Aline is the core of your senior living operation — uniting critical workflows and data across sales and marketing, operations, leasing and billing, and resident care — all in one easy-to-use senior living software suite. Boost your organization’s ability to identify leads, capture referrals,...

ECP Assisted Living Software

Better software. Better care.

ECP provides a complete web-based software suite for assisted living and long-term care communities ECP is the leading web-based clinical, business, and compliance software provider to over 6,500 assisted living communities and other long-term care providers. ECP’s core clinical products...

Medtelligent, Inc.

Software purpose-built for assisted living communities.

ALIS Clinical & eMAR: Keep corporate, regional, and community clinical teams aligned while addressing each state’s regulatory needs. With ALIS in your community, you’ll mitigate risk, optimize staff time, and ensure resident wellness and safety.
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OmegaLTC, with its Omegacare software, is a trusted provider of comprehensive EHR/EMR software solutions specifically engineered for Skilled Nursing Facilities, Assisted Living Facilities, and Residential Care Facilities. Our cloud-based EHR system simplifies clinical care paperwork, enhances documentation, and guides workflow, enabling your staff to invest more time in patient care and less on form-filling. Our adaptable, feature-rich platform comprises modules for ADT, Orders & CPOE, e-Prescribing, MDS, Care Plans, Therapy, Point of Care Documentation, Clinical Alerts, and Billing/Financial functions, consistently ensuring precise tracking, timely alerts, and efficient operations. is your go-to platform for seamless and secured record management, ensuring reliable, end-to-end digitization of healthcare data. Our innovative platform offers simplified health data monitoring, anticipates resident needs, robust patient data storage, secure telehealth integrations, and customizable workflows, strengthening the provider and patient experience. In delivering intuitive, data-driven healthcare infrastructure, we are fully committed to transforming medical data management and interactions to make data-driven decisions, ensuring exceptional care and streamlined operations across senior living communities.

Pioneer Technology provides tailored Electronic Health Records (EHR) solutions that facilitate seamless care while ensuring cost efficiency in the realm of long-term care and senior living. Our EMR system allows healthcare providers quick and real-time access to resident information, tracking health statuses, and facilitating remote consultations, enhancing resident care quality and staff efficiency. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology and security measures, we provide an EHR platform that optimizes workflows and automates routine tasks, thereby enabling staff to focus on delivering personalized care with higher efficiency and accuracy.

Wellsky redefines the EHR landscape with transformative analytics solutions, leveraging powerful data-driven insights to optimize outcomes and performance across healthcare sectors. Our innovative platform converts EHR data into valuable decision-making support, enriching clinical workflows and enhancing patient-centered care. By incorporating predictive analytics in care management and coordinating with quality experts to provide fast and accurate clinical coding and documentation., Wellsky empowers providers and payers to improve efficacy, reduce rehospitalizations, and excel in value-based care.

LTCPro offers an all-in-one, comprehensive Electronic Health Records solution for skilled nursing facilities, assisted living homes, and home health hospices. Featuring secure Patient Health Records modules, we provide an effortless experience in creating and maintaining health records that are secure, compliant, and fully integrated with financial modules across desktop and mobile devices. Our blend of functional flexibility, with a confluence of role-based access, advanced data encryption, and user-friendly tools for seamless bedside charting, ensures LTCPro contributes to ease of use, reduced costs, and elevated standards of compliance in long-term care facilities.

Checkpoint EHR delivers an all-in-one solution for behavioral health patient care, integrating EHR, clearinghouse, and billing services into a seamless platform tailored specifically for therapy practitioners. Our user-friendly, HIPAA-protected software simplifies practice management with an easy-to-use EHR experience, hands-free billing, and clearinghouse functionality that covers claims scrubbing and remittances at no extra cost. With dedicated support, unlimited users, and a pricing structure centered on ease and flexibility, Checkpoint EHR aims to meet your EHR needs while enhancing care quality and patient outcomes, ensuring productivity and security in your behavioral health practice.

Elation Health provides a clinical-first EHR solution designed to support your practice, emphasizing seamless patient care and intuitive charting to streamline patient encounters. Featuring electronic ePrescribing, immunization reporting, and unified workflows, Elation Health's EHR significantly reduces administrative burden, ensuring efficient practice management. By connecting healthcare providers to hospitals, labs, and registries, our clinically intuitive platform allows providers to better focus on patient interaction, chart patient narratives quickly, and streamline administrative workload, making it an innovative choice in EHR technology.

DrChrono specializes in tailoring Electronic Health Records (EHR) to empower medical practices with a fully integrated, mobile, and user-friendly EHR platform. With our EHR by Specialty features we offer customizable forms, efficient patient self-check-in kiosks, e-prescriptions, telehealth functionality, practice management tools, medical billing, and integrated lab ordering, DrChrono elevates patient care with real-time access to essential medical information and streamlined workflows.

At Cycloware, we engineer custom EHR/Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems tailored to optimize healthcare workflows with robust features such as patient and resource scheduling, billing and collections management, electronic prescriptions, and video medicine, all wrapped in an intuitive and easy-to-use design. Conceived in a real-world environment, Cycloware's cutting-edge EHR system adapts to specific needs and delivers undeniable efficiencies, driving breakthroughs and competitive advantage across the entire medical enterprise.

CapMinds Technologies offers comprehensive OpenEMR services that are highly customizable, integrating open-source, user-friendly, and fully-compliant Electronic Health Records (EHR) solutions that enhance operational efficiency. Our EMR/EHR services are designed with a modern user interface, robust production support, and specialty-specific features, ensuring seamless management of care. From HIPAA compliance to billing enhancements and third-party integrations, CapMinds equips health organizations of all sizes with the necessary tools for improved patient care and simplified administrative tasks.

BreezyNotes EHR offers a straightforward and intuitive approach to Electronic Health Records (EHR) management. Our easy-to-use platform simplifies scheduling, documentation, and billing processes with an emphasis on a secure, HIPAA-compliant environment, ensuring that your patient data is safely stored, easily accessible, and regularly backed up. With features like an at-a-glance calendar, one-click progress note creation, and an automated billing system, BreezyNotes EHR is designed to enhance practice efficiency, reduce learning curves, and allow more focus on patient care.

Cantata Health Solutions' Arize EHR offers a state-of-the-art, user-friendly platform meticulously designed to fulfill the diverse needs of healthcare providers, making patient care more efficient and effective. At the heart of our EHR system lies a fully customizable dashboard, real-time data access with a patient roster, a mobile-ready interface, custom report generation, and the functionality to work seamlessly across devices, thereby decreasing manual processes and elevating care levels. From admission to transfer, our solution enhances every step of the care journey.

InteliChart provides a robust, award-winning EHR-integrated patient engagement platform designed to simplify healthcare interactions at every stage of the patient journey, from pre-visit to post-visit. Boasting features such as self-scheduling appointments, advance patient notifications, telehealth visits, automated surveys, and an all-in-one mobile-accessible portal, we transform patient-centered care into a streamlined process, granting smoother workflows and informed clinical decisions. InteliChart works in harmony with over 40 market-leading EHR solutions, enabling practices to achieve all their patient engagement goals with reduced administrative burdens.

Effortlessly streamlining all aspects of patient care, Healthware Corp. offers versatile Electronic Health Records EHR/EMR solutions tailored for diverse healthcare facilities, including home health, hospice, personal care, and private duty care agencies. With our integrated EHR system, we ensure seamless information flow from intake to scheduling to clinical operations, directly feeding into billing for timely reimbursement and accurate reporting. Deliver top-notch patient care with increased efficiency, data-driven insights, and seamless workflows for better patient outcomes and regulatory adherence.

American HealthTech presents a comprehensive suite of integrated Electronic Health Records (EHR) solutions designed to improve care quality, streamline workflows, and boost financial outcomes in long-term care facilities. At the intersection of innovation and care, our EHR system centralizes real-time patient information, facilitating meticulously maintained care plans, deft management of medical orders, and efficient compliance document administration. Adaptable to both self-hosted and hosted environments, features such as the display of the patient's 'My Story' timeline, web-based remote access for physicians, and sophisticated data analytics work synchronously to deliver superior care.

At ADL Data Systems, we deliver an intricate suite of Clinical Electronic Health Records (EHR) software designed to enhance the efficiency, accuracy, and productivity of healthcare practitioners. Our EHR/EMR software offers advanced features like accident/incident documentation, adaptable care planning utilities, comprehensive assessments, and a convenient order entry system for patient care management. Leveraging innovative form technologies and intuitive user interfaces, it ensures consistency, integrity, and thoroughness in patient record-keeping while optimizing workflow, broadening visibility, and fundamentally streamlining the healthcare process.

Veradigm, a part of Allscripts LLC, offers an innovative Veradigm EHR solution, formerly known as Allscripts Professional EHR, tailored to streamline healthcare data management. Veradigm's EHR combines advanced capabilities, user-friendly interfaces, and secure navigation to effectively document, track, and analyze patient health information. Optimizing interoperability and data accessibility, Veradigm's EHR is a vital tool for healthcare providers, paving the way for improved patient care and strategic decision-making in healthcare settings.

NextGen Healthcare offers an award-winning Electronic Health Records (EHR) solution designed to enhance the quality of patient care, streamline operations, and foster a better work-life balance for clinicians. Our highly capable EHR system promises efficient digital documentation, supports mobile functionalities, and promotes secure interoperability for seamless health information exchange. This user-friendly, innovation-driven tool is meticulously crafted to empower clinicians and improve overall patient outcomes, underscoring our commitment to transforming healthcare with smart technology.

ProviNET Solutions specializes in delivering customized EHR services to the senior living and long-term post-acute care (LTPAC) industries, ensuring seamless communication, reporting, and optimization. With a skilled team including technical, clinical, financial, and operational experts, we provide 24/7 support, implementation, data conversion, and comprehensive training tailored to your organization's specific needs to ensure seamless healthcare practices that enhance customer satisfaction.

StoriiCare: StoriiCare is a software platform for Assisted Living providers, Adult Day Care Centers and Care homes. Used as a tool to instruct, record and improve quality of care, StoriiCare enables care staff to digitally record their care - providing management with oversight and reducing common industry...
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Civica Canada's Momentum EHR is user-centered, cloud-based software designed to support diverse care settings, providing comprehensive digital health records or client health information for improving care quality and personalization. It's packed with features like resident management, clinical history, InterRAI assessments, care planning, and health tracking, with a unique Form Builder for creating tailor-made assessment forms, catering specifically to sectors like senior care. With Momentum EHR's Information Recap Dashboard and eMAR integration, healthcare professionals are equipped with single-view access to health data, empowering them to provide more effective and efficient care.

HealthHive is a platform to support a "community of caring" for aging adults and their care team while integrating providers' workflows and systems to address gaps in care planning, coordination, understanding, and long-term care management. We advance the evolution of value-based care through our patient-centered B2B SaaS platform. Designed for the informal care team and integrating into the existing systems of health organizations, we bring together health records, care plans, social information, resources, documents, and communication.

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