Crocus Medical Inc.

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Pembina, ND 58271

About Crocus Medical Inc.

Crocus Medical Inc. is dedicated to transforming medication management through cutting-edge solutions that prioritize patient safety and provider efficiency. Its innovative products, such as the RM1 Pill Counter and MDM Pouch Verification Systems, streamline medication preparation and administration, reducing the risk of errors and saving valuable time for healthcare providers. With a focus on cost-effective solutions, open communication, and transparent pricing, Crocus Medical is committed to enhancing medication safety across acute, long-term, and community care settings.

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In Touch Pharmaceuticals

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Products by Crocus Medical Inc.

By Crocus Medical Inc.

Available in 4 sizes with over 30 drawer configurations and dozens of accessories. The UltraGlide medication cart was designed by nurses for nurses. No two nurses are alike, so why should all your med carts be? The UltraGlide standard features include self closing drawers, an ergonomic push... Read more »

By Crocus Medical Inc.

The Calm-Press® is a silent, effective, portable medication crusher that delivers close to double the crushing power of competitive products. It saves time, eliminates the problem of cross contamination through the use of medication pouches and crushes meds to a superfine powder. It is... Read more »

By Crocus Medical Inc.

Looking for a pill crusher? Tired of grinding up pills by hand? Dreaming about an automated tablet crusher? Well dreams do come true…forget manual tablet crushing and start "Powdercrushing" with Powdercrush, a truly automatic medication crusher! Repetitive crushing of medications... Read more »