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  • ILA Magnifiers

    ILA offers a wide range of LED stand and hand held magnifiers. They come with very good optics and energy efficient LED bulbs which never have to be changed. The stand magnifier range goes from 3X to 10X magnifying powers. Stand magnifiers rest flat on your reading material and always are set... Read More
  • Big Button Telephones

    Big button telephones can come in either a corded or a cordless variety and are great for people who have low vision or shaky dialing hands. Some phones also have significant built in amplification for people needing hearing assistance. Photo phones can be great for people who may not remember... Read More
  • Extra Large Print Playing Cards

    Easy to see playing cards have a red background for the red suits, and a black background for black suits. They come with 1.25 inch high numbers to make them extra easy to read. Crisp white numbers and suit markers. Read More
  • Products for Low Vision Diabetics

    The Prodigy Voice Talking Blood Glucose Monitor speaks all commands and screen displays, making it completely accessible for a diabetic with low or no vision. The Prodigy® Voiceâ„¢ will "talk" the user through all set-ups, step-by-step, including audible test results, audible meter status,... Read More
  • Non Skid Inner Lip Plate

    9", plastic plate has high walls, making it easier for a diner to push the food onto their fork or spoon, helping to keep food on the plate and on the fork. This plate has been designed for t he elderly, people with limited muscle control, and individuals with the use of only one hand. No skid... Read More
  • Doorknob Extender

    Unique handle slot allows the addition of a cord for people with limited reach! This 5" (13cm) extention handle fits over standard doorknobs and allows complete access to keyholes. Use the handle slot to add a loop of cord for those with limited grasping ability. The Doorknob Extender fits... Read More
  • Rechargeable LED Lamp

    Extra lighting is really important for a person with weak eyes. This rechargeable LED light, with a bright daylight color, allows a person to bring extra light wherever they made need it - to a restaurant, a game room, or to a crafting table. No cords means that there are no tripping hazards.... Read More
  • Talking Pedometer

    Talking pedometer can help you stay in shape with a regular activity regime. Results can be announced in steps and in distance, and distance can be reported in miles or kilometers. Talking alarm clock speaks the time and any alarm settings. Read More
  • Talking Personal Scale

    This talking personal scale can help a person with low vision manage and maintain their own weight. Scale has an attractive tempered glass surface and a 440 pound capacity. Speaking voice can be Hi, Lo, or turned off. Scale can speak in 5 languages, including English and Spanish. Read More
  • Faceshield with Replaceable Visors

    Full coverage reusable safety visor can be used in a variety of settings which require high standard, extended wear usage. Manufactured according to Medical Device standards, this safety visor has an over the head elastic band and 6 points of cradle adjustment to provide a customized fit for... Read More
  • Walker Tray with Non Slip Mat

    This single piece tray slides over the handles of an existing walker to provide a carrying surface for meals, magazines or crafts. It measures 20.75" x 15.75" and has a non slip surface to prevent items from rolling off. It also has 2 recessed cup holders for carrying a drink or a coffee. Read More
  • Medi Grip Magnifying Pill Bottle Opener

    The Med-Grip is designed to ease the struggle of opening medication and vitamin bottles. Made of ultra-soft easy grip material, the Medi-Grip also has a 4X built-in magnifier to aide in reading prescription bottles. The unique design of grooves and notches marry up to the most common... Read More
  • Ambutech Identification Cane

    Ambutech's lightweight, 5 piece cane is designed for low vision individuals who need only limited cane assistance but who do wish to be recognized as having low vision while out and about. High visability is insured with a red reflective bottom section. Available in 28" to 56" lengths in 2"... Read More
  • Talking, Recordable Reminder Clock

    With this talking alarm clock, you can record your own personal message to play back as a personal alarm or reminder. Set up to 6 different alarms, and record a personalized message for each of those alarms. Reminders can be to take a medication at a particular time, or even to stand up and... Read More
  • HomeAware Alerting Sytem

    The HomeAware alerting system can notify a deaf or hard of hearing person to different types of occurrences in their environment. A master receiving unit receives signals from different transmitters and can alert the user to this signal with extra loud alarms, flashing lights, and a bed... Read More
  • Patriot Voice Scanner and Reader

    For Independent Living Aids, assistive technology products are those which use technology to give users better access to print material. With this scanner and reader, a user can place a sheet of paper in the box, and at the push of a button that printed material is read back aloud to the user.... Read More
  • Large Key Keyboard

    A keyboard with extra large keys with bold letters can be helpful for a person with poor eyesight or limited hand control. This keyboard features keys which are 1" x 1" and are therefore really easy to see and use. This keyboard can make it easier for a senior to access their computer. Read More
  • Talking Blood Pressure Monitor

    A talking blood pressure meter can allow an individual to personally monitor their own health and blood pressure. The talking feature is great for anyone with low vision, or for a person who might have other trouble reading or understanding the LED display. This arm-style unit can speak in... Read More
  • Pocketalker Personal Listening Device

    For a person with hearing loss, it can be difficult to enjoy conversations immediately around them. This assistive listening device is great for people who do not yet have hearing aids and assistance hearing basis conversations. A small device with a microphone is placed near the user, and a... Read More
  • Voice Activated Talking Clock

    This voice activated talking alarm clock is terrific for people with limited vision or limited mobility. Give a simple voice command, and the clock will speak the time, the date, or the indoor temperature, among other commands. No wifi is needed. Read More
  • Large Print Crosswords

    Set of 2 paperback books each have 80 crossword puzzles in larger 14 point font, making them a great activity for people with weaker vision or shaky hands. Great for any activity center. Also available in extra large 20 point font. Read More
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