2/11/22- Argentum- TLB

Products by Independent Living Aids, LLC

  • ILA Magnifiers

    ILA offers a wide range of LED stand and hand held magnifiers. They come with very good optics and energy efficient LED bulbs which never have to be changed. The stand magnifier range goes from 3X to 10X magnifying powers. Stand magnifiers rest flat on your reading material and always are set... Read More
  • Big Button Telephones

    Big button telephones can come in either a corded or a cordless variety and are great for people who have low vision or shaky dialing hands. Some phones also have significant built in amplification for people needing hearing assistance. Photo phones can be great for people who may not remember... Read More
  • Extra Large Print Playing Cards

    Easy to see playing cards have a red background for the red suits, and a black background for black suits. They come with 1.25 inch high numbers to make them extra easy to read. Crisp white numbers and suit markers. Read More