Linking Up: The Graying of AIDs

Press Release from Terra Nova Films Inc

Well-known gerontologist Dr. James Birren once told me that in the late 1940s, all of the gerontologists in the United States could fit comfortably in one modest size hotel meeting room. He should know; he was there. Thanks to the leadership of Birren and so many others, modern gerontology has advanced vigorously since those days. Since its founding in 1945, the Gerontological Society of America has provided a formal organization for linking the diverse disciplines defining the study of aging and aged individuals. Still firmly in place, the historic roots of gerontology now anchor an extensive canopy supported by research, education, and outreach around the world. Today, several large hotels are needed to meet the demands of information sharing of the approximately 5,000 members of Gerontological Society of America who gather for annual meetings.

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