Mega Manufacturing Inc.

5348 Vegas Dr. #369
Las Vegas, NV 89108

About Mega Manufacturing Inc.

Mega Manufacturing offers products that are helping change social interaction as we know it.

We are on the front lines of germ control with our MEGA Clear Curtains, or as they are more commonly known -**COVID Clear Curtains** because they serve as a plexiglass alternative during this virus pandemic.

Our MEGA Entertainment products exceed CDC and WHO recommendations that have been mandated for Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Communities. Our mission is to provide residents of these facilities with the freedom to see and interact with their loved ones once again.

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Products by Mega Manufacturing Inc.

By Mega Manufacturing Inc.

COVID Clear Curtains & Booths are IN HIGH DEMAND!! - ​Based on CDC & WHO Recommendations - A Superior Plexiglass Alternative - Creates A Clear Barrier Between People - Reducing the Spread of Germs - Helping People Connect Socially In Confined Spaces - AVAILABLE IN BOOTHS & FREE-STANDING... Read more »

By Mega Manufacturing Inc.

Sanitization Stations Reduce the Risk of Spreading Germs and Viruses At Your Events Read more »