The Academy of Neurologic Physical Therapy Annual Conference

Press Release from Urban Poling Inc.

The Academy of Neurologic Physical Therapy Annual Conference is not just a weekend of learning but spans over 10 weeks to allow you to engage with the sessions ahead of time when it fits your schedule and then take time afterward to go back and learn more.

ANPT seeks to provide the necessary tools to propel you to your next level of expertise. As a leading innovator in neurologic physical therapy practice, ANPT’s annual conference will provide a platform to tailor your professional development to your needs. This collaborative educational endeavor unites all facets of neurologic physical therapy practice. 

On-Demand courses open for attendees to watch and submit questions in preparation for the Live Conference weekend. The Exhibit Hall will be available, giving you time to view product information. Vendors will engage via videos and chat features as well as contests.

Those not registered to attend the conference can still come to the exhibit hall and view OnDemandPlus videos through this link:

Make sure you visit our booth to learn more about Urban Poling and our Urban and ACTIVATOR® poles! 

ACTIVATOR® & Urban Poles have been designed through the lens of an Occupational Therapist & Gerontologist. Our evidence-based program & accredited (CCU) educational platform utilizes FDA registered & patented ACTIVATOR® poles.

ACTIVATOR® poles are prescribed for clients with various neurological conditions as research supports numerous benefits including improved motor skills, balance & gait quality, as well as mental health. clients using ACTIVATOR® poles experience greater independence & improved quality of life.

The ACTIVATOR® program (18 research studies) was developed to facilitate walking indoors & outdoors. A myriad of seated & standing exercise options exists to be able to tailor programming to meet the needs of varying levels of care & abilities.


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