Introduce POLE DANCING at your SL Homes!

Press Release from Urban Poling Inc.

A Truly Unique and Dynamic Program at Your Senior Living Homes that will be the Talk of Your Community!

The evidence based, FDA registered ACTIVATOR Poles were designed through the lens of an OT & Gerontologist for these outcomes:

– Improved Balance with four points of contact.
– Improved Strength through actively engaging core muscles
– Improved Flexibility  with improved confidence to do larger movements
– Improved Aerobic with this full body workout


The UP Active Living Signature Program - Pole Dancing is 16 week Turn Key Program which consists of 8 thirty-five minute Pole Dancing Videos that your staff can play directly to residents (with supervision) or use as a teaching video to learn the program or create their own classes using the ACTIVATOR Poles. Each video comes with a detailed Lesson Plan with 50 new dynamic exercises. Your staff can learn how to launch this licensed program through a 4 hour CCU approved Senior Living Instructor Certificate Course.


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