Virtual Live Parkinson’s Wellness Course

Press Release from Urban Poling Inc.

Join us January 29 at 1 pm (EST). Learn 25 dynamic seated and standing exercises to improve balance, posture and promote larger movements while inspiring your client to love exercising! Discover how to be instrumental in facilitating your patient’s goals to become more confident, independent, and active within their community. Game changer is a common term from patients with Parkinson’s describing this program. Evidence based ACTIVATOR® Poles are prescribed as best practice in Canada and abroad to improve outcomes for balance, posture, and all aspects of gait for Parkinson’s rehab. Learn how to use this unique patented design to achieve maximum benefit for the ACTIVATOR® Technique for balance and ACTIVATOR® PUSH for enhancing larger movements in exercise program. Your patients will love this revolutionary program that significantly improves walking ability while inspiring them to exercise!


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