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White Papers by Urban Poling Inc.

  • Nordic Walking Clinical Trial

    Active approaches including both specific and unspecific exercise are probably the most widely recommended treatment for patients with chronic low back pain but it is not known exactly which types of exercise provide the most benefit. Nordic Walking - power walking using ski poles - is a popular...
  • ACTIVATOR Poles compared to other mobility devices

    Evidence based ACTIVATOR℗ Poles are revolutionizing rehabilitation. They are prescribed extensively in all continuums of health care as an effective alternative (or in conjunction) to canes and to reduce or delay the use of crutches and walkers (under the assessment of a therapist).
  • A passion for pole walking

    Meet Leanne Booth, an Urban Poling instructor and avid pole walker. In a phone interview, the BC resident who has Osteoarthritis shared how pole walking improved her quality of life.
  • Urban Poling: Tapestry Leads the Way with a New Wellness Activity

    At Tapestry, residents are always eager to embrace new wellness opportunities. Over the past few months, residents together with employees have been enjoying the many benefits of one of our newest activities – urban poling.
  • Hip & Knee OA and Orthopedics

    Urban Poling’s ACTIVATOR℗ poles, FDA approved equipment, are uniquely designed by an occupational therapist and gerontologist to support individuals with varying conditions. Top form of prescription of the ACTIVATOR℗ program is Pre/Post Hip & Knee surgery. Within seniors living communities the...