GlobalDWS Corporation

68 Railside Road, Unit 2
North York, ON M3A 1A3

About GlobalDWS Corporation

The world is being transformed by new technologies that are redefining customer expectations and changing the way people live and work.

At GlobalDWS, we believe that innovation and creativity are key to empowering our customers in building a healthy and dynamic workplace which enhances productivity and collaboration.

In these unprecedented times, it is critical that our public and private sectors come together to develop advanced and creative solutions to support frontline workers in healthcare, senior care, and essential businesses.

GlobalDWS is a provider cognitive services and innovative technologies, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), and service robotics to empower the modern workplace and to enrich and simplify the human experience.

Our international team of engineers, AI experts, designers, developers, and innovators are leading subject matter experts in robotic platform integration, service robot implementation, and innovative business technologies.

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