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About LiquiTech

LiquiTech is a leading provider of water treatment technologies and tech-enabled water management services. Our mission is to empower organizations to take control of their water quality, enhance the health and safety of building occupants, mitigate waterborne pathogen risk, optimize water infrastructure, and improve their financial performance. Our unique blend of sustainable products, expert services, and advanced technology enables us to solve even the most complex water quality issues and help our clients achieve their goals while also maximizing the potential of their building water infrastructure and reducing their environmental impact. We envision a future where every building is equipped with advanced technologies that ensure clean and safe water for all occupants. Let us be your partner in creating a healthier building environment through better-managed water systems.
• LiquiTech® Point-of-Use Filters: Screw-on microbial filters for faucets, showerheads, ice machines, and drinking fountains that provide immediate and reliable protection against Legionella and other harmful waterborne pathogens. They are generally used when a facility tests positive for Legionella to ensure the water is safe for consumption while remediation efforts are underway.
• LiquiTech® Smart Temperature Sensors: Easy-to-install (no plumbing required) technology for monitoring building water systems. They help in the early detection of changes that could indicate increased bacterial risk, energy inefficiencies, or problems with plumbing equipment so issues can be addressed before impacting the health and safety of residents. These sensors can be used in combination with regular Legionella testing or as a standalone tool to monitor and mitigate Legionella risk.
• LiquiTech® Sediment Filtration System: Removes sediment from the incoming water supply that can damage pipes and other water-bearing equipment, degrade water quality, and encourage bacteria growth.
• Legionella remediation services: Our full-service solution helps facilities quickly control Legionella without disrupting water service or building operations. It includes a water system risk assessment, support with installing and implementing recommended water treatment technologies, and on-site remediation work. Additionally, we offer state/county Department of Health guidance and Legionnaires' case investigation support, if needed.
• Water management plan review + update services: Completed by ASSE 12080-certified Legionella Water Safety and Management Specialists, our comprehensive services include an onsite assessment of the building water systems, a review of the existing water management plan to ensure compliance with industry standards and requirements, and an analysis of its performance with recommended adjustments. Per ASHRAE, CMS, The Joint Commission, and CDC, water management plans should be reviewed and updated annually.
* LiquiTech® Copper-Silver Ionization is a sustainable disinfection solution for potable water systems. It’s designed to quickly kill Legionella and other waterborne pathogens and achieve long-term protection without hazardous chemicals or damage to plumbing.

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