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Access control systems allow staff members in residential care facilities to secure the environment as well as protect critical equipment and maintain resident and staff safety. Customizable systems allow for smartphones, keycards, fobs or stickers to control entering or leaving the building as well as restricting areas from patient and visitor access. Wandering prevention systems integrate with a community's security and access control system to prohibit access to unsecured areas and notify of patient elopement.

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Life Safety: One of your main priorities is keeping your residents safe. Our specialists in E-Call, Electronic Door Locks, Surveillance Cameras, Wander Management, Real-Time Location, and Public Safety Radio signals can design, install, and train you on the tools you need. We’re trained and certified in...
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Access Control and Wander Management: With CarePoint controlled access and wander management system, your staff can allow at-risk residents temporary, controlled access to secure outside areas of your community. Residents wear a small waterproof wrist tag that controls elevator use and locks doors that these residents should not...
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Advanced Satellite Communications Inc. & ASC Security Systems

Your Single-Source Commercial Satellite and Security Solution

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Advanced Satellite Communications, Inc. and A.S.C. Security Systems are located in Livonia, Michigan. Since 1990 A.S.C. is one of the largest and most trusted commercial satellite and security systems integrator in the State of Michigan. We are well-staffed by TOP industry experts specializing...

Inovonics Wireless Corp

Unparalleled Network Infrastructure

Dual Input Universal with Wall Tamper: The Inovonics EN1216 dual input universal with wall tamper is designed for use with any standard contact or sensor that provides a contact closure. The primary alarm input is selectable – normally open or closed – and the secondary alarm input is set to normally closed only. It is fully...
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BCI Networks

Technology for Senior Living

Real-Time Tracking: Our RTLS solution is a fully managed cloud service that is easy to install. Identify the exact position (within 15cm), movement and proximity of people or assets in real-time. RTLS creates a safer environment in your care facilities by monitoring the location of your residents, staff, visitors...
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ASSA ABLOY Door Security Solutions

The Global Leader In Door Opening Solutions

Electronic access control: Electronic access control devices and solutions from ASSA ABLOY Group brands allow facilities to customize the level of security for any door opening. Electronic access control limits unwanted user entry into or within a facility with the use of electronically controlled locks. These locks...
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Securitec One Inc

Healthcare & Hospital Security Systems

Access Control Security Systems: Access control security systems protect not only your facility and contents, but the people inside. A secure facility requires control of Who, What, When, Where and How. Preventing theft may be the most stated reason to invest in an access control system, but in our crazy legal and violent...
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Accushield’s Visitor and Entry Management solution was designed by Executive Directors to help Senior Living Communities, Nursing Homes, Hospitals, and Healthcare Facilities know who is in their buildings, enabling the creation of a safer and more secure environment. Accushield’s tablet-based...

CyberLock is a key-centric access control system that provides full-featured access control to every locking point in a facility. An ideal solution for both retrofitting existing mechanical locks and installing in new doors and enclosures, CyberLock’s extensive catalog of electronic cylinders is...

We specialize in the designing, making, and servicing of hotel security equipment. Our products include hotel locks, safes, RF/ID, fingerprint scanning locks and energy saving equipment.

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