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Companies that provide employee screening and comprehensive background checks customized to the senior living industry ensure that residential facilities are in compliance with state and federal hiring laws that apply to assisted living, nursing home and other long-term care facilities.


Screening Services & Background Checks

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TB Testing: Many states require TB testing for senior living facilities. You can order these tests directly from our screening platform in an efficient and cost effective manner. We can provide: * TB Skin Test * TB Blood Test * Chest x-rays for TB
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Corban OneSource

HR Outsourcing & Payroll Administration

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We take the Human Resources Administrative burden and control costs with our Variable Cost Model. For nearly a quarter century we have been helping our clients remove the burden of the tedious administrative duties so they can focus on more strategic HR initiatives. We can scale up or down in...

Accushield has created a touchscreen, badge-printing Tablet to automate the sign-in process and confirm receipt of required credentials (i.e. criminal background check, liability insurance, immunizations, etc.) from third-party health care providers and other vendors working in senior living...


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iprospectcheck was founded on the belief that all employers deserve access to a strategic screening partner that consistently provides fast, accurate, compliant and affordable screening solutions delivered on a flexible, sleek, modern, highly integrated technology platform whose heart is a...

Private Eyes combines easy to use technology, a team of passionate experts who communicate, and a CEO with a Private Investigators license to surpass client expectations globally.


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When it comes to employment screening, accurate, compliant, and timely reports aren’t just a convenience—they’re a necessity. Peopletrail® provides leading employment screening solutions across a variety of industries with efficiency, quick turnaround, and insight you trust. Our dedicated...

Nationwide Criminal Database Search: This report includes data from county courthouses, administrative offices and correctional institutions in every state. We check for criminal records within a proprietary database that is aggregated from all available jurisdictions throughout the country. This allows us to search for criminal...
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Pre-Employment Screening: Our cloud-based platform makes pre-employment screening simple, straightforward and reduces the labor on your HR department. Here’s how: -We work with you to setup predefined screening options for your needs. -You can then use your own customized online portal to order and review the status...
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HRNext Direct

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HRND Background Check: Accurate, thorough background screening is critical. We also make it simple and affordable. Through our partnership with National Crime Search (NCS), we offer you access to a background check solution that not only gives you peace of mind, but also ease of use and control of your budget. The...
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Orange Tree Employment Screening helps companies win the race to fill open positions by providing fast and easy background screening and drug testing solutions to help you hire quickly. We are a national and global provider that specializes in providing a full range of technology-led screening...