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About BCI Networks

BCI Networks is a leading provider of technology in the Long Term Care and Retirement industry across North America. We are a single source provider for your entire communications, life safety and security infrastructures.

With a core focus on healthcare technology, we specialize in nurse call systems, designed to revolutionize the way healthcare professionals respond to patient needs. Our nurse call systems seamlessly integrate with building hardware and software systems such as a PBX system, door sensors and fire alarms, ensuring efficient response times and heightened patient safety.

Our patient wearables, combined with advanced receivers, provide a comprehensive wireless solution for safeguarding your premises with access control and surveillance through Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS). Our fall detection systems provide an added layer of safety for vulnerable individuals.

BCI Networks also excels in comprehensive wiring solutions, guaranteeing seamless connectivity for all your systems. Our proficiency extends to audio-visual setups and projectors, enhancing entertainment and communication options within your facilities.

BCI Networks is your one-stop solution provider, dedicated to enhancing safety, security, and connectivity in the Long-Term Care and Retirement industry. Your trust in our expertise drives us to innovate continually, ensuring your facilities remain at the forefront of technology and safety.

Products by BCI Networks

By BCI Networks

Real-Time Tracking Our RTLS solution is a fully managed cloud service that is easy to install. Identify the exact position (within 15cm), movement and proximity of people or assets in real-time. RTLS creates a safer environment in your care facilities by monitoring the location of your residents, staff, visitors... Read more »

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Life Safety Systems Patient satisfaction is more important than ever to maintaining a profitable senior care home. A wireless nurse call system is a scalable, cost-effective, fully-integrated communications and alarm management system that improves patient/resident satisfaction, caregiver morale and the company’s... Read more »

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Fall Detection The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that 3 million adults ages 65 and older are treated in emergency departments for fall injuries every year. Equally alarming, one out of five falls causes a serious injury, which may permanently affect the person’s mobility and... Read more »

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