Nurse Call and Communication Systems for Senior Living

Selecting the right nurse call system for your senior living community can help streamline communication, increase resident safety, improve staff response time, and optimize operational efficiency. Call systems in senior care facilities have evolved from single point hard-wired hospital pull strings to wireless integrated two-way communication systems that transmit resident and staff communications campus-wide, allowing staff to respond in a timely and organized manner. 

Also known as emergency call systems or wireless emergency response systems, the components of call systems vary by the needs and specifications of senior living communities. Advances in technology allow modern nurse call systems to coordinate emergency notifications and resident requests from bedside buttons, in-room monitors, health monitoring devices and wearable accessories. These devices communicate alerts to nurse stations and across staff paging systems, and may also have the ability to integrate with access control systems as part of a comprehensive plan to protect the life-safety of residents. Whether your organization is in need of a comprehensive communication solution or is looking to introduce a resident monitoring device, it’s important to understand how each component integrates with existing IT infrastructure.

Compare functionality and features of each nurse call system against the requirements of your stakeholders and the needs of your community to ensure your selection optimizes communication between your residents and staff. Finding the right nurse call system can help coordinate and track staff response and allow your organization to measurably improve the delivery of care.

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Sage Interface: Centralized Caregiver Operations: A modern, integrated interface, consolidates the tools caregivers carry to streamline communications and provide more informed, productive, collaborative care. Improve support for residents through a modernized call bell: Residents can get assistance or care when they need it through Sage’s...
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Pull cord station: For areas where help is frequently needed. The Lifeline pull cord is easy to install, easy to use and a vital part of CarePoint resident safety systems – helping you build a better community experience. The pull cord is an ideal wireless solution for bathrooms, bedrooms or any place where...
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Vision Link II Wireless Nurse Call System: VisionLink II® is a fully integrated nurse call system with a wide variety of features, reports and wireless stations to enhance your care levels. Door controllers and patient tags keep memory impaired residents from straying and send their location, name and photo to staff if they approach a...
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Vigil Health Solutions Inc

All levels of care on one platform.

Nurse Call System: The Vitality Call System is an innovative hybrid wireless/wired nurse call and emergency call system that can be fully customized for any level of care. Wireless devices are ideal for retrofit sites where wiring may be difficult, for changing care levels and for residents on the go. Wireless...
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Communications for Today...And Tomorrow

TekTone develops cutting-edge, UL Listed Nurse Call Systems equipped to meet the unique needs of care facilities, including hospitals, nursing homes, and continuing care retirement communities. Our integrated wired and wireless systems foster seamless communication between patients and staff, boosting efficiency and improving satisfaction. TekTone's Nurse Call Systems are custom-built to ensure residents' safety and provide caregivers with peace of mind.

Sure-Response, Inc

We hear you.

Sure-Response, Inc. bridges the gap between traditional nurse call systems and modern communication sophistication through our Radio Integration System (RIS), which amplifies response efficiency with seamless two-way radio technology integration. Our RIS allows alert announcements from your existing nurse call system to transmit directly onto standard UHF analog or digital radios, delivering vital patient care alerts effectively and promptly while providing an additional layer of text-based alerting via the LCD of our SR-3202 radios. Offering compatibility with a variety of industry-standard nurse call systems, our solution comes ready to connect, backed by a supportive team assisting at every step, converging superior technology and service support to elevate care quality in your healthcare facility.

Single-Button Water-Resistant Pendant: The Inovonics EN1223S single-button water-resistant pendant with single-button press-and-hold activation and compact design is ideal for assisted living installations. The EN1223S-60 single-button water-resistant pendant transmitter sends check-in messages every 60 minutes to allow for use in a...
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Tacera Nurse Call System: Tacera is an IP Nurse Call and Clinical Communications platform that offers superior flexibility to support your processes and the way your caregivers work. A scalable solution Tacera grows with your healthcare organization through extensible architecture and standards-compliant interfaces....
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Vingtor-Stentofon by the Zenitel Group focuses on advanced communication solutions, catering to hospitals, clinics, and retirement homes with state-of-the-art nurse call systems. Our wide-ranging technology options include high-quality intercom systems specifically designed for operating rooms, cleanroom stations, and seamless integration with nurse call, phone, and radio systems. With top-tier security, responsive communication, and exceptional audio clarity, Zenitel delivers reliability and interoperability to meet your facility's evolving communication needs.

ReZcare: Resident Care System: ReZcare provides facility-wide care and security monitoring by integrating critical life safety systems within assisted living and retirement communities, nursing homes and hospitals. Those systems can include nurse call, wandering resident, and door and building security systems as well as fire...
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Nurse Call Systems: -A robust nurse call system with numerous customization options, various stations to choose from and reporting options -Built on the same back bone as the Provider 790 for easy upgrading and better performance -Touchscreen staff console allows staff to speak with patients with 2-way...
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Life Safety Systems: Patient satisfaction is more important than ever to maintaining a profitable senior care home. A wireless nurse call system is a scalable, cost-effective, fully-integrated communications and alarm management system that improves patient/resident satisfaction, caregiver morale and the company’s...
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UniCall® : The Unicall was designed for a broader healthcare market Special Models application. While the Unicall closely resembles and operates similar to the electrical call cord, it removes the hazard associated with electricity, including high failure rates and fragility associated with static...
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ODIN Page 2 Talk: ODIN Page 2 Talk by Advanced Wireless Communications blends software and hardware to create a system that easily overlays two-way radios to an existing Nurse Call / E-Call Systems via TAP or utilizing an existing paging transmitter.
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PalCare is dedicated to safety in healthcare facilities, pioneering wireless nurse call systems and emergency alert solutions that have been modeled for excellence, functionality, and unmatched reliability. Utilizing proven and tested technology with 24/7 support like Inovonics® technology, our flexible solutions offer options for pendants, pull cords, and the Palmobile app with iOS & Android device support, ensuring continuous and efficient two-way communication. With detailed reporting of every alert and response, rigorous endurance testing, and strict adherence to UL-2560 safety standards, we guarantee you a safer, more secure environment for senior residents while maintaining peak operational efficiency.

Callcare's innovative Nurse Call Systems stand at the forefront of healthcare communication, ensuring a seamless interaction between patients and caregivers. We offer state-of-the-art technologies, including Nurse Call Cords, Patient Stations, Corridor Lights, Pillow Speakers, and advanced safety measures for fall prevention. Our systems not only ensure patient safety but also significantly improve workflow efficiency and elevate caregiver response time, making us a linchpin in the healthcare environment.

West-Com Nurse Call Systems Inc. offers the advanced Novus Connect Nurse Call system, a VoIP PoE solution that strengthens communication, collaboration, and safety across care environments. The system's features range from actionable alerts and customized communication to a comprehensive one-stop nurse console, as well as integrations with EMRs, RTLS, patient engagement systems, and more. With an emphasis on boosting caregiver workflow, streamlining patient safety, and maximizing patient-family engagement, we connect care teams like never before, ensuring an unobstructed focus on delivering high-quality patient care.

CareHawk Inc. presents our HC7000 Nurse Call System, specifically designed for a variety of healthcare settings, including long-term care, skilled nursing, assisted living centers, and clinics. Our software platform ensures effective communication and swift responses to calls, reinventing healthcare communication by providing detailed records to evaluate staff workload and improve productivity, ultimately reducing risk and liability. Beyond efficiency and reliability, we at CareHawk Inc. bolster confidence, demonstrating our commitment to utilizing the most effective communication technology for your patient care.

Replacement Wall Stations: Crest specializes in providing high-quality replacement nurse call stations for a variety of nurse call systems. No need to pay for costly replacements for worn out OEM stations. Plus, we're constantly adding additional options. Inquire with Crest Technical Support to find your replacement today.
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KareLink offers a versatile nurse call system platform designed with both wired and wireless technology, using pull-cord or pendant sensors for efficient alert monitoring and control at the central station. Our robust KareLink system is thoughtfully crafted, bringing value-added solutions that enhance resident care, staff performance, and facility security. Through our enriched capabilities, we at KareLink are recognized for helping clientele both improve the standard of resident care and slash operational costs, ultimately creating a harmonious and efficient living and working care environment.

iAlert Systems, offered by APB Care Systems, excels in designing innovative nurse call solutions dedicated to significantly enhancing senior care services. Our comprehensive desktop software, intuitively designed wall-mounted TapBoard, and robust handset operate in conjunction with best-in-industry wireless transmitters and other third-party hardware. Beyond the exceptional functionality, we provide cloud-based analytics for comprehensive performance assessment. Our systems integrate with multiple communication mediums, including legacy wired solutions and pagers, to deliver personalized and efficient care solutions.

TechWorks offers an adaptable and scalable Nurse Call System that aligns with your facility's needs, ensuring immediate and efficient communication for patient emergencies. Our technology allows for seamless code compliance and integration with existing systems, ranging from restroom calls to extensive facility-wide applications. Benefit from TechWorks' commitment to patient and staff safety, experience custom messaging and reporting capabilities, and embrace technological solutions designed for your specific care context.

Civica Canada (Momentum Healthware) empowers senior care with its standout Wireless Nurse Call System, which integrates real-time location tracking to elevate resident safety and boost staff efficiency. The state-of-the-art RTLS In Motion technology provides high-precision tracking and immediate device status updates, transforming senior care campuses into smart tech-driven facilities. Leverage our ergonomic resident and staff pendants, designed to automatically log location and historical data and immediately notify the care team when assistance is needed.

JTECH, an HME Company, excels in providing integrated healthcare paging solutions that include a consortium of nurse call systems, management systems, two-way radios, staff pagers, and tailored healthcare call buttons. Our SmartCall Messenger™ System can seamlessly manage text and paging alerts, ensuring swift and secure patient handling while enhancing productivity. Our advanced solutions, designed for diverse care environments epitomize the perfect union of robust technology and ease-of-use, catering to efficient staff-provider communication, improved patient flow management, and discreet deliverance of vital updates.

Cornell Communications offers innovative Nurse Call Systems, with our three comprehensive solutions designed with cutting-edge technology to ensure patient safety and optimal operational efficiency. Our award-winning Inform™ I A Mobile system consolidates resident and staff communication into a singular platform, offering stellar tracking and reporting capabilities. From the Independent Wireless system that integrates mobility and resident comfort to the tried-and-true Visual Nurse Call 4000 Series that enhances staff response times, our systems result in improved staff performance and heightened resident satisfaction.

BEST IQ® assist: A safer workplace with increased personal safety. An alarm and call solution for health centers of all sizes. Clear display with simple functions such as room status, call staff and distress alarm when staff need additional help in vulnerable situations. Designed for integration with a...
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Intercall Systems caters to healthcare organizations with its diverse range of nurse call systems, designed to fortify patient care and subsequent satisfaction. From our state-of-the-art, software-based Ultra series to the Vista visual-tone series and Legend audio-visual system, we deliver flexible and robust solutions to fit the needs of any care facility. With 50 years of experience in creating UL 1069 certified systems, our nurse call solutions ensure unparalleled operational fluency, immediate alert notifications, and a streamlined communication channel for an enhanced care environment.

We make patients safer and caregivers more organized. Our systems combine nurse call, in-room monitoring, and wireless phones to communicate real-time care tasks with the appropriate care provider. Our system documents all messages, assignments, response times, care tasks, and completions for compliance and reporting purposes. We help you understand the state of care delivery in your facility.

ESL Distributing, LLC is a proud provider of TekTone® Nurse Call systems, designed with cutting-edge technology and concentrated dedication to ensure enhanced healthcare services. With offerings encompassing Tek-CARE that incorporate UL-listed wireless nurse/emergency call features, our seamlessly integrated wireless pendants serve multiple purposes, including wired audio-visual nurse calls, wander management, and Tek-ALERT integration systems. With a single efficient platform we align with clients' diverse requirements, providing systems that ensure seamless communication, increased patient safety, and effective care delivery.

Nurse Call Phone Systems: Cady Business Technologies is an authorized dealer for Heritage Medcall Visual Nurse Call Systems (VNS). The VNS provides both audible and visual signaling to meet patient and staff needs in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, day surgery centers, and special procedure outpatient...
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