Setting Long Term Care Teams Up for Success with Foodservice Technology: April’s Experience

Press Release from MealSuite

April Lorimer is a certified Long Term Care Administrator, Red Seal Chef and Nutrition Manager with 25 years’ experience in the hospitality and healthcare sector. When she was supporting her long term care homes from a corporate level as Dietary Systems Specialist, her passion for making a difference in the industry through technology was ignited.

“It just feels really good to know that when you see something that is going to make their day better that you can put that into their hands and it truly makes a difference,” she explained.  

In her current role as Customer Success Manager with MealSuite, April shares her passion, knowledge and real-world experience to touch the lives of thousands of residents – and those who serve them – across North America.

Watch the video here and read on to discover her story of advocating for, implementing and reaping the benefits of MealSuite technology in her former role in long term care.

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