Senior Living Nutrition Consulting & Menu Planning Services

Compare nutrition programming and menu planning services that specialize in creating appropriate nutrition plans for senior living facilities and long-term care settings. Skilled nutritionists, dieticians and menu planning consultants are an essential part of the care team in improving and maintaining the overall well-being of your residents. Finding the right combination of proper nutrition and appealing meal options can help with reducing hospitalization, managing disease progression, and impacting resident satisfaction.

When selecting a nutrition consultant or menu planning solution, look for the following components to ensure your community meets the highest nutritional standards for older adults.

What to Look for when Choosing a Menu & Nutrition Consulting Service for Senior Living Dining Operations

  • Access to registered dieticians 
  • Customizable menu packages
  • Training for hospitality team, food preparers, and dining operations staff
  • Individual resident nutrition assessments and menu plans
  • Knowledge of senior specific food modifications such as texture, medication interactions, calorie fortification, etc.
  • On-on-one resident nutrition counseling
  • Access to educational materials for residents and their family members
  • Satisfying and enjoyable meal options
  • Integration with food ordering and menu publication systems
  • Cost effective and scalable recipes
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Dietitians On Demand

Nationwide dietitian staffing services

Rating: 5/5 - 5 reviews

Malnutrition Communication Tool | Infographic: Did you know that reimbursement for a malnutrition diagnosis often depends on a dietitian’s documentation? Effective treatment for our most nutritionally depleted patients all begins with accurate and precise dietitian documentation. Looking for a method to clearly communicate your malnutrition...
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Food Service Management Software

Forecasting & Food Production: Avoid over-production and save money by forecasting your menus and scaling your recipes before meals. Forecasts can be based on your resident data so production accounts for pre-selected menus, diet census, personal preferences, dislikes and other related data. Or, if your residents select food...
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Dedication to value; commitment to care.

NetTraycard - Resident Management and Reporting: This online resident management and reporting system provides tools to increase resident satisfaction and improve the dining experience. Healthcare providers can use NetTraycard to effectively monitor each residents’ needs, dietary restrictions, risks, and dining preferences.
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HPSI Purchasing Services LLC

Procurement Solutions

Rating: 5/5 - 2 reviews

Menu2UPlus: The perfect fit — a large recipe database, sophisticated Tray Cards, endless reporting, and integration with various ordering platforms! More than a menu planner, Menu2UPlus is an effective solution for reducing dietary costs and simplifying menu preparation. Loaded with over 17,000 recipes,...
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Elevating Senior Living

WEBINAR -- The Role of Nutrition in Cognitive Resilience: Nutrition is an important component in helping to reduce the incidence and impact of dementia in older adults. This webinar will share current thinking on ways to integrate brain health strategies into a senior living community’s dining experience. Attendees will: Learn the risk factors for...
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CCL Hospitality Group

Curated Hospitality for Community Living

Unidine: Unidine operates in over 400 facilities and is the leading provider of food and dining management services for discerning clients throughout the United States. Since its founding in 2001, Unidine’s success derives from consistent execution in four key areas – an exclusive focus on food and...
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Morrison Living

Services for Senior Living Communities

Specialized Senior Wellness Programs: Morrison Living has a collection of programs geared to the special needs of residents in higher levels of care, so that everyone in the community can take positive steps toward healthy aging and wellbeing.
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Your Support Service Partner | Moving Forward. Together.

Our passion for service creates an environment where every resident feels at home. HHS offers food & dining services, facilities management, and housekeeping & custodial services to proactively deliver real, tangible results that positively impact your organization by serving your resident's...

Nutrition Management Services Company

Nutritious Food, Expert Management, Superior Service

Rating: 5/5 - 1 review

NMSC was founded in 1979 when a need to provide personalized and effective dining services was recognized within the healthcare industry. Since that time NMSC has grounded itself being an industry innovator, advocate to our residents, and financial stewards to our clients. We care about each...

Consulting: At Crandall Corporate Dietitians we have a multilayered approach to improving and ensuring performance in our communities that includes a local Consultant, regional Consultant and our Crandall corporate team in the office. Local Consultants The heart of Crandall consulting services is the...
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Scalable, professional recipes and an integrated ordering system offered to senior living communities as a cloud-based subscription service. We offer chef created and dietician approved menu rotations, and printable daily, weekly and specials menus that are flexible enough to accomodate senior dietary needs, special holiday meals, and regional specialties. Chef Joe, renowned chef, lecturer, and writer used his experience with his own father to develop his product for the senior-living market. Experience lower food costs, lower labor costs, and happier residents with real food befitting any high quality restaurant.

Registered Dietitian Consulting: Health Technologies employs qualified Registered Dietitians across the country to serve in healthcare communities. Consulting Dietitians assess and monitor the nutritional needs of residents assuring the highest nutritional standards. Health Technologies consulting dietitians are supported by...
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Nutrition Systems specializes in providing comprehensive Nutrition Consulting and Menu Planning services for community-based programs. Our solution-oriented approach, which encompasses everything from weekly meal summaries to alternate selections, therapeutic diet modifications, and detailed nutrient analysis, is powered by the collective experiences of our dedicated dietitians and modern technology integrations. Coupled with complimentary integrated services like web-based recipes and product purchasing program preparation, Nutrition Systems ensures high-quality, nutritious meals within budgetary and regulatory parameters, enhancing the overall quality of life.

Healthcare Services Group, Inc., offers comprehensive Nutrition Consulting and Menu Planning services, focused on enhancing seniors' dining experience with exceptional taste, scratch-made recipes, and optimal nutrition content. Our Culinary Excellence team, consisting of executive chefs and culinary experts, ensures impeccable service and compelling dining experiences to promote satisfaction and maintain regulatory standards in senior living communities.

Senior Living Chefs is a trusted name in culinary services, specializing in nutrition consulting, menu development, and dining consultations for diverse community sizes. We ensure memorable culinary experiences by providing tools to enhance your dining program, providing kitchen operation assistance, and filling staff gaps with trained chefs. Our customized services range from dining consultation to crisis management, chef recruitment, and 24/7 query support, all tailored to your community's culture and needs, incorporating regional tastes and nutritional demands that foster a strong culture of food and fellowship.

RD Nutrition Consultants is a nationwide network of registered dietitians offering bespoke nutrition consulting services that can be utilized for menu planning or meal plans across organizations. We are industry leaders in patient-centered care, nutrition education, improved nutrition status, and ensuring regulatory compliance. Our broad reach and tailored dietitian services, combined with our extensive network of professionals, underscore our commitment to matching the right expertise to every unique need, harnessing our nationwide network to deliver excellence and enhance overall patient care.

BSN Solutions is widely recognized for our superior dietitian consulting and personalized menu services for senior communities. With an emphasis on improved health outcomes and person-centered dining experiences, we offer a spectrum of services including regulatory compliance advice, staff training, and preparedness for regulatory surveys. Optimizing resources while ensuring satisfaction for residents and families, we are dedicated to creating memorable meal plans that fit any budget and modifying dining services to meet the high expectations of today's food-savvy seniors.

When it comes to developing a menu that balances resident satisfaction and foodservice costs, senior living dining managers face many challenges. Let us help you make it easy. As specialists working with senior living communities, we can help provide your residents with nutritious and satisfying meals and support your entire operation by reducing costs and improving efficiencies at every step of your supply chain.

eMenuCHOICE, a digital front-runner in the field of Nutrition Consulting & Menu Planning, is passionately committed to enhancing the dining experience in senior living communities, offering powerful dining services and point-of-sale application solutions. We combine contemporary technology with an enriching dining experience, focusing on specialized diets, allergen management, and crafted menus, ultimately improving resident life. Our user-friendly platform streamlines the dining process, assisting in increasing revenue capture while focusing on resident-centered design to elevate mealtime satisfaction and accommodate dietary requirements.

MatrixCare enhances the quality of Senior Living communities through its innovative Nutrition Consulting and Menu Planning Services, MealTracker. We efficiently control food costs, improve care, and boost staff efficiency—from automated menu planning to detailed nutrient analysis and accurate food production details. Working within our dietitian-approved, customizable platform allows the easy creation of custom menus fitting all dietary needs, fostering a safe and enjoyable dining experience while reducing food waste, improving resident safety, and adhering to compliance standards.

Simplified Nutrition Online provides high-tech, efficient solutions to streamline dining service management, specializing in Nutrition Consulting and Menu Planning. Our comprehensive platform boasts tools for weight monitoring, cost saving, HIPAA compliance, tray card generation, thousands of customizable recipes, corporate food budget controls, and nutrient need estimations. Designed to reduce cost, avoid compliance risk, and increase operational efficiency, we provide exceptional solutions that enhance resident satisfaction and standards of nutritional care.

Grove Menus, a premier Nutrition Consulting and Menu Planning service provider, excels in designing and deploying dietitian-approved menus tailored explicitly to assisted living, memory care, and nursing home facilities. Equipped with our innovative Point of Sale (POS) system that seamlessly integrates with our dynamic menu planning, we provide facilities with the capability to easily customize menus while balancing food cost control and heightened resident satisfaction. With over two decades of experience in the industry, Grove Menus leverages its expertise to simplify meal production, adapt to regional preferences, and continuously enhance dining experiences in senior care communities.

Menu Services and Solutions: Our team of Registered Dietitians, Certified Dietary Managers and Culinary Experts that combine expertise and talents to support the healthcare and restaurant industry. Healthcare menu solutions provide pleasure to residents and consumers while also meeting regulations and budgets. Our Menu...
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At Horizon Software LLC, we offer top-tier Nutrition Consulting and Menu Planning services to senior living communities through our advanced software solutions at CBORD. As the driving force behind developing individualized care plans, we leverage state-of-the-art technology in food and nutrition service management software for menu planning, food production, resident nutrition management, and mobile commerce. By efficiently connecting food production to wellness, ensuring resident safety, regulatory compliance, and embracing cashless transactions across all meal services, we are revolutionizing the dining experience in senior living communities.

Cura Hospitality stands at the forefront of Nutrition Consulting & Menu Planning delivering food experiences that significantly uplift resident life and enhance patient care. From delectable fine dining to homestyle favorites, innovative programs, clinical services, and specialized nutrition plans, we consistently offer fresh, safe, and nutritious food for an excellent dining experience. We are committed to nurturing well-being with every meal served and understand therapeutic dietary needs with experienced clinicians and chefs who customize menus filled with quality ingredients and optimum nutritional balance.

At CBORD, we pride ourselves in being a leading provider for nutrition, food production, privilege control, and commerce services in education, healthcare, and related markets. Proud Member of Argentum