2/11/22- Argentum- TLB

HR Trends 2021: Businesses Seek Solutions to Unpredictable HR Cycles

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The virus shook HR into 2021. Unfortunately, most leaders at large to mid-sized companies still use temporary solutions to \\\"fix\\\" the issue of unpredictable hiring cycles. Rapid hiring, rushed layoffs, and changing demands all mean that businesses spend money, time, and resources reactively. And, as the pandemic accelerates the timetable of these changes, many look for ways to gain a proactive edge over and above uncertainty to safeguard their operations from unexpected fluctuations.\\r\\nBusinesses are finding that the typical and traditional approaches of reactive hiring and layoffs to meet business demands are not responsive or flexible enough to cope. They see urgency in the need to develop or find solutions that can respond to these cycles quickly and dynamically. One prominent response has been to outsource HR functions, hiring, and employee benefit administration since it offers significant cost savings to their mid-sized and large businesses.\\r\\n

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