Respect Model Employee Engagement: 9 Behaviors to Watch For

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Respect Model Employee Engagement : 9 Behaviors to Watch For. Being a leader in a large or even small organization is no straightforward task. A big part of being a leader is that you’ll find yourself constantly making mistakes. And that’s okay, it comes with the territory. You need to first gain an initial trust from your workers so sometimes showing a little humility can be a good thing because it’s relatable. You always want to be showing that as a group (the business itself) we’re are moving forward. Progression should be a top priority, even if it comes in small incremental bits, it’s still showing signs of growth. A leader should be demonstrating that they have the knowledge to lead their pack in the right direction. Many workers have a follower mentality and are highly dependent on others to move things forward, so it’s important to recognize behaviors that will alienate and disengage a leader’s supporters.

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