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  • Secure Family Portal

    The Secure Family Portal is designed with the purpose to foster an active engagement by everyone involved with the senior. By bringing the power of social media to elder care, the portal ensures that families stay connected to the loved ones regardless of the physical distances between... Read More
  • CareProvider App (CPa)

    A one of its kind, very powerful mobile app that gives you the location of residents/patients, staff, visitors, and all key assets in a community at one tap on your smart device screen. -Demonstrated to have saved countless hours spent on non-care activities by care staff -The powerful... Read More
  • Administrator Dashboard

    A portal that allows administrators and management to analyze the operational health of their communities and make data-driven decisions. One of its many capabilities is contact tracing, alert statistics, and tools for better operations management. -Clinical grade room level certainty of... Read More
White Papers by Family CareSpace
  • Transparency in Senior Living Should be the Norm, not a Rarity By

    We all want to know our loved one in a community is being care for, is safe, and we can easily check in on them using our mobile devices or computer 24/7. In order for a community to provide what should be the norm, they will need Family CareSpace and the Family Portal. Families need to request... Read more
  • Family CareSpace Portal Overview By

    Family CareSpace’s Family Portal is part of an unparalleled unique technology platform, which connects loved ones in care communities with family, friends, and care professionals to foster transparency through collaboration and engagement. The Family CareSpace Portal accomplishes this... Read more
  • Estimated Locating vs .Certainty-Based By

    The Importance of Certainty-Based Locating Using Second Generation Infrared Gen2IR In Senior Living Communities Read more
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