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  • Criminal Background Checks

    MyHRScreens is a leader in the challenging long-term care industry. We offer accurate and fast employee screening to aid in reducing risk related to long-term care employees. High turnover, heavy regulation, complex scheduling, payroll requirements, etc. make this a particularly difficult area.... Read More
  • Sanction Searches

    Has your candidate been sanctioned? Could they put your company at risk? MyHRScreens will review sanctions lists such as OIG/SAM, FACIS and others to ensure your candidate does not put you at risk. Read More
  • Credential Verifications

    Let MyHRScreens verify your candidate has the credentials required to reduce your risk. We verify their the required credentials for their position. Examples include professional licenses, credentials and more. Read More

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  • Long Term Care Poses Preventable HR Risks By

    Brief article on how compliant employee screening programs can reduce HR risks in the long term care industry. Read more

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