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About Safer Hire

Safer Hire is a simple, fast pre-hire screen which helps clients by measurably reducing workers compensation claims and turnover.

We help our clients see the risk before suffering the loss:
- Reduce number of work comp claims on average by 42%
- Reduce size of work comp claims on average by 15%
- Reduce employee turnover on average by 30%
- Reduce at-fault auto accidents by 13.4%

Products by Safer Hire

By Safer Hire

Applicant Screening Our clients know they are “Better With Safer Hire than Without” because, with Safer Hire, they can now see the risk BEFORE suffering the loss. Safer Hire is a simple 9-minute pre-hire screen producing measurable results by reducing work comp. claims by an average of 42%, size of claim by an... Read more »

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