Resident Engagement Technology Providers

Resident engagement technology and programming is used in senior living facilities to keep residents connected, reduce loneliness, improve health outcomes, and increase overall wellbeing.

Resident engagement programming in a traditional sense was the planning of events and celebrations activity professionals in a senior living community organized to make a positive impact on the daily life of residents.

Trends toward engagement technology allow engagement initiatives to be more accessible across distance and abilities. Programming no longer needs to be in-person to successfully engage senior living residents. Activities can be designed and delivered in resident rooms/apartments, on apps, or offered by streaming service to allow family participation. Many technology providers offer adaptations that allow accommodations for sight, hearing, behavioral or mobility challenges. Additionally, tech implementations offer a more customizable approach that prioritize person-centered strategies to ensure resident engagement needs are met for each resident.

Look for the following key components in a resident engagement platform to keep residents, staff, and family members in your senior living community engaged, connected and satisfied.

Senior Living Resident Engagement Technology Features:

  • Individual interest and activity assessments
  • Individual ability indicators
  • Resident preference data storage
  • Activity tracker
  • Integration with care plans
  • Calendar functionality
  • Communication tools
  • Digital content delivery such as digital signs, menus, alerts
  • Remote accessibility for family engagement
  • App availability
  • Survey functionality
  • Ability to measure community engagement metrics
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Pinnacle Quality Insight

Improve the customer experience and reduce employee turnover

Resident Surveys - CoreQ: Monitor, measure, and improve resident satisfaction with CoreQ surveys for skilled nursing and assisted living facilities. Activated Insights has partnered with Pinnacle Quality Insight to provide phone based CoreQ surveys. Pinnacle provides all the benefits that come with a certified CoreQ...
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Senior Living Engagement & Communication Solutions

Icon excels at resident engagement, offering seamless communication technology solutions for senior living organizations, patients, and their families, streamlining information delivery with our Bi-directional Communication Tool. Our platform leverages AI technology to auto-fill template content for broadcast messages, saving you time and ensuring effective communication with residents, automatic appointment reminders, birthday and anniversary acknowledgments, staff compliance management, multilingual mass message delivery, emergency alerts, and more.

Eldermark Software

engage – a community programming management platform

Eldermark Software is a cutting-edge technology platform that empowers senior living communities with its resident engagement product, Engage. Our services include tracking programming, providing personalized life enrichment programs based on residents' individual stories and preferences, and deploying engagement metrics for performance analysis. Eldermark Software's solution is designed to connect residents with their families virtually, amplify person-centered care, and keep residents mentally, physically, and spiritually active. We also offer robust analytics and real-time feedback mechanisms to ensure your engagement programming consistently meets and exceeds standards.

Resident Engagement Platform: Klaatch works with service providers and senior housing operators to develop your community’s Social Quotient. What is the Social Quotient? The Social Quotient is an aggregate measure of an NLP-derived personality profile, validated loneliness surveys of older adults, and the level of...
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Senior Living Digital Signage: Digital signage for senior living communities. Ensure information is always in the right place, at the right time with individually addressable digital signage designed with the needs of the senior living industry at its heart. Digital Signage delivers high-quality content on TV monitors...
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Zinnia Technologies Inc.

Therapeutic TV

Rating: 5/5 - 3 reviews

Zinnia Technologies, Inc. offers a groundbreaking resident engagement digital platform tailored to engage, entertain, educate, and positively stimulate seniors, particularly those with dementia living in today's tech-savvy world. Our customizable and engaging videos aim to enhance everyday experiences, such as promoting hydration, encouraging self-care activities, and providing soothing entertainment without confusing plots or interruptions that affect varying cognitive abilities. With our gently paced, commercial-free programming, Zinnia Technologies Inc. seeks captivating programming that adapts to every resident's individual needs, promoting social interaction and enriching living experiences in the senior living communities we serve.

Resident Remote Engagement Platform for Senior Living Communities: The resident remote engagement platform to connect staff, families and residents. Includes Digital Signage, Community Calendaring, Menus, Surveys, Broadcast Messages, Work Orders, and many more integrated services. Enterprise grade, PAAS (Platform as a Service) TV based, award winning, HIPAA...
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Holleran Consulting

Resident Engagement and Satisfaction

Holleran Consulting excels at providing resident engagement services by offering comprehensive, data-driven resident survey solutions tailored to evaluate resident satisfaction, engagement, and experiences within senior living communities. Utilizing our Resident Engagement Index and a variety of specialized research tools, we provide actionable insights that enable informed decision-making for executive directors and community leaders. By offering customizable surveys, including CoreQ and pulse surveys, Holleran's expert team supports the strategic growth and success of senior living providers, ultimately fostering a thriving and engaged community environment.

Remote Care and Companion Devices for Senior Living Communities: Use remote care to get more for your community. Plan social events, organize online programs, send mass notifications, and more. Because loneliness and isolation is one of most prominent complaints from residents, it is important to provide them with a quality social life to help them age...
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Hartman Executive Advisors

Senior Living Engagement Strategy

Hartman Executive Advisors excels in the provision of strategic healthcare IT consulting with a focus on Resident Engagement. Our seasoned advisors work with care organizations to infuse the power of IT into their patient care by implementing strategic health IT solutions, enriching resident and patient engagement, and embracing telehealth advancements. Our sophisticated and integrated approach results in a stronger decision support system, enhanced accessibility of medical records, and significantly improved resident engagement, ultimately refining the quality of care delivered in the living communities.


All-in-One Platform

Welbi specializes in delivering a personalized and enriching resident experience, elevating resident engagement through our multifaceted software. Our technology assists life enrichment teams with recreation planning tools, resident profiling, community insights, real-time recommendations, and seamless integration with existing software, all aimed at promoting more meaningful resident engagement. With Welbi, senior living communities increase resident involvement, and notably foster longer stays, reinforcing a fulfilled and lively environment for all residents, ensuring an enhanced resident experience, and improving community satisfaction.

TVR Communications LLC, through our comprehensive pCare platform, provides a seamless Patient Engagement Ecosystem. Leveraging our award-winning Interactive Patient System, we transform traditional television systems into dynamic communication hubs that educate, entertain, and empower residents to manage their care. By coupling real-time data collection with solutions that span from inpatient stays to home care, our systematic approach ensures improved operational efficiency, leading to personalized digital care anywhere, anytime, for our residents.


Measurement-Based Care Platform

OwlHealth&Care stands at the forefront of resident engagement services, providing our comprehensive engage digitally to digital care solutions that redefine how caregivers, residents, and their families interact within senior living communities. Our digital communication tools ensure streamlined operations, enhanced collaboration, and the active inclusion of underserved users, shaping a seamless, user-friendly experience and empowering senior communities. With a strong focus on digital presence and engagement, OwlHealth & Care brings unparalleled value to aging care ecosystems, elevating your residents' engagement, facilitating relationships, and boosting the quality of care delivery within your community.

Status Solutions

CATIE - Communication and Access to Information Everywhere

Status Solutions sets the benchmark in Resident Engagement Services with CATIE (Communication and Access To Information Everywhere), our comprehensive solution to augment communication, access, and daily living in senior communities, staff, and family members. We offer a technologically advanced platform that combines resident check-in, weather forecasts, dining services, event registration, email services, innovative CATIE radio, and more, conveniently accessible via multiple devices.

Wellzesta is a leading-edge tech company committed to fostering resident engagement through its AI-driven communication and wellness platform, uniquely designed for senior living and care communities. Offering a diverse range of services, including personalized health insights, social connection tools, and virtual wellness programming, Wellzesta simplifies and improves the lives of both residents and staff and also enables seamless operations for life enrichment leaders, healthcare providers, and community executives.

Family Portal: Managing a Senior’s Health from a Distance The Family Portal is an extension of InteliChart’s market-leading Patient Portal and empowers family members and caregivers to stay informed about the health and well-being of loved ones who are in long-term care, skilled nursing, home health and...
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StoriiCare revolutionizes resident engagement, bringing families closer through an interactive platform that facilitates secure HIPAA- and GDPR-compliant messaging and delivers exceptional care management solutions. With features like accessible care planning updates, participation in activities, and sharing of photos, we enhance relationships and communication among caregivers, residents, and their families. Through the heart of our offering, the Storii Family App, loved ones can participate in their resident's life stories, sign up for events, message staff, and receive updates from anywhere in the world, encouraging shared experiences and active participation in care delivery.


Senior Living Engagement Tool

InTouchLink is a senior living-oriented tech innovator, offering cutting-edge software solutions that improve resident engagement and family and staff experience in senior living communities. Our accessible suite—ranging from Activity Tracker, Community TV, Smart Integrations with Amazon Alexa and Menu Management to Meal Tracker and Community Messaging—uses intuitive technology to build deeper connections, foster community interaction, and enhance overall health and wellness.

Pokeno Plus: POKENO PLUS from Bingo Rose is an entertaining software program that allows groups of people to enjoy a simple card game without the need for the cards. No one needs to worry about shuffling the deck, calling out the next card, nor flipping through called cards to validate a winner's game board....
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Engage : powered by Connected Living

Sentrics provides an advanced resident engagement solution through its Engage360 platform, driving seniors' connectivity and overall wellness in senior living communities. The suite of tools includes digital signage, customizable activity calendars, a user-friendly web interface, and even intelligent assistance like Amazon Alexa and the Temi personal robot. By fostering day-to-day operational efficiencies and establishing effortless communication within the community, Sentrics revolutionizes in-room connectivity and a digitally-enhanced resident experience.

Mend is an innovative resident engagement provider of telehealth and patient engagement solutions that aim to optimize digital patient intake, reduce no-show rates, and streamline healthcare workflows. Our platform offers an array of features, like digital intake forms, appointment reminders, and telemedicine software, catering to both in-person and virtual care preferences. and integration with major EHR&PMS software to enhance resident engagement. Mend's mission is to deliver frictionless and convenient care to everyone, empowering patients and improving health outcomes globally.

Sirona TV significantly improves the quality of resident engagement and is dedicated to enhancing the quality of resident experiences within communities. We offer a dynamic array of amenities, like instant-on Sirona TV for activities, daily announcements, dining menus, live classes, and a special community album for shared experiences. Our emphasis on creating streamlined communication and opportunities for social connectivity has made us a trusted partner for communities keen to ensure their residents feel cherished, connected, and engaged and offer transformative and enriching resident experiences.

Dual Path is at the forefront of enhancing resident engagement through our tailor-made Senior Living WiFi Solutions and development programs to boost residents' digital confidence and foster a modern, connected living environment. Our full suite of services ranges from robust network systems to ongoing resident technology training programs, focusing on improving the quality of life in your active adult or assisted living communities. Dual Path provides a fully managed solution that supports an array of applications, from facility management to lifestyle amenities.

GetSetUp offers a unique platform for older adults, with live classes aimed at boosting resident engagement, learning, and personal growth in a peer-to-peer setting. Our range of categories includes technology, health, social hours, and more, backed by intuitive features like personalized schedules and clubs to foster a sense of community. With GetSetUp, seniors continuously upskill, interact, and draw on priceless life experiences, thus promoting a livelier, more engaging community for residents and ensuring seniors thrive in their current phase of life and continue lifelong learning with fulfillment.

Continyou Care offers tailored technological solutions for resident engagement to address the diverse needs of senior living communities, promoting a deeply personalized resident experience. Integrating modules like Dining, Digital Signage, Recreation, Maintenance Requests, and Family Portal, we optimize every aspect of your facility's operations while increasing resident engagement. By integrating communication and engagement practices, Continyou Care's comprehensive suite of tools empowers staff, connects families, and enriches the lives of seniors.

Linked Senior Inc.

Enhance Life Enrichment

Linked Senior's proprietary technology streamlines planning, assessment, implementation, and evaluation processes for senior living communities. With an array of Life Story resident engagement tools like our Life Story assessment and a spectrum of evidence-based therapeutic programs, our platform ensures a high-touch, person-centered experience. With a blend of cognitive games, music for therapy, reminiscing, and other therapeutic interventions, Linked Senior Inc. leverages real-time reporting and insightful data analytics to empower staff, enliven resident living, and deliver on the promise of meaningful, personalized care, reshaping the journey of aging, one interactive, mindful step at a time.

ONSCREEN Moment: ONSCREEN enables seniors to stay connected with family and caregivers using video communication and delivers peace of mind through a powerful AI companion that ensures your loved one is thriving at home – all through the familiar TV. Our solution removes technical barriers and provides a much...
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Improve resident wellbeing, forecast costs, and drive NOI with Fynn’s comprehensive senior living platform. Fynn drives efficiency to help improve proactive care coordination, reduce costs and frustrations caused by manual processes and redundancies, and refocuses collaboration among caregivers...

We make software for senior centers. MySeniorCenter works on any computer and any device. We offer customizable solutions such as: Touch Screen Sign In Event Calendars Online Event Registration Mass Call System

K4Connect helps senior living communities across the country leverage enterprise technologies to not only respond to today’s challenges, but ensure current and future technology investments are optimized. Most importantly, we help put technology to work to ensure community residents receive the...