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Sound Feelings Toothbrush

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Plain Toothbrush Company is founded by Howard B. Richman. “I HATE modern toothbrushes,” says Richman. Seniors prefer Flat-cut, classic toothbrushes. Not only do they clean better and offer that “nostalgic” feel, but those with arthritis are able to better control them compared to modern rounded... Read More


ConvergeOne delivers a comprehensive, secure managed telehealth solution designed to enhance healthcare accessibility, improve patient outcomes, and mitigate risks across the continuum of care. By integrating cutting-edge telecommunication technology with robust support and streamlined processes, our advanced telemedicine services facilitate seamless remote clinical interactions and consultations. ConvergeOne Secure Managed Telehealth Solutions are proven and tested to be best-in-class, delivering next-generation video and team collaboration and the security, management, and flexibility to meet your needs.;

MD Revolution

MD Revolution transforms the telemedicine industry by providing engaging, efficient, and effective remote patient monitoring and chronic care programs. By seamlessly integrating with existing medical devices, apps, and Electronic Health Records (EHRs), our platform facilitates the patient-care provider experience, encourages patient involvement, and supports proactive health management. We take a comprehensive approach to remote patient monitoring and create custom solutions including; enrollment, engagement, escalation, phone-in or in-app access to a health coach, health condition monitoring and intervention, and alerts and reminders via the Revup app and on PTM devices.;

Access TeleCare

At Forefront TeleCare we specialize in delivering telehealth solutions with exceptional telemedicine and virtual behavioral health services across the full spectrum of care, from acute to post-acute settings. Our comprehensive approach enables health systems to effectively address the growing need for mental health services, providing everything from emergency department consultations to inpatient coverage and outpatient medication management. Leveraging our high-quality telemedicine solutions and our tech-forward approach, we facilitate rapid response times, enhance your patient throughput, and significantly reduce ED boarding times, supporting you with improved clinical outcomes and expanding access to critical health services.;

Access Telehealth

Access Telehealth is a leading provider of comprehensive remote patient monitoring (RPM), delivering essential telehealth services aimed at improving chronic disease outcomes effectively. Our end-to-end telehealth solution integrates with EMR systems, employs FDA-approved devices and HIPAA-compliant cloud-based software, and provides dedicated care management specialists, all to ensure seamless, constant, and proactive patient care. We focus on bridging the care gap, generating real-time health data, reducing hospital admissions, fostering a safer environment, enabling better decision-making, enhancing patient interaction, and making tremendous strides toward a better quality of life. We offer everything you need to implement a successful remote patient monitoring program.;

CompuMed, Inc.

CompuMed, Inc.'s teleheath solution specializes in delivering advanced diagnostic telemedicine solutions, built upon the pillars of a highly experienced, board-certified specialist network, state-of-the-art technology, and unwavering 24/7 customer support to ensure comprehensive clinical care and continuous quality improvement. Our solutions integrate top-tier software, devices, and specialists, designed specifically to streamline healthcare delivery for high urgency and high acuity cases through a HIPAA-compliant, centralized system for patient information and imaging management. ;

A & D Medical

A & D Medical leverages over 20 years of innovation in enhancing telehealth experiences through a curated selection of devices and systems engineered for seamless integration and simplicity in remote patient monitoring. With an emphasis on one-touch measurements across a wide array of products we ensure ease of use for your patients while providing healthcare professionals with accurate, clinically validated data. Our combination of robust support for SDK integration and a longstanding reputation for reliable Bluetooth connectivity empowers healthcare providers and telehealth companies with our comprehensive technical support and proven integration resources, enhancing patient care with accuracy, precision, and reliability.;

ViTel Net

ViTel Net is committed to revolutionizing telehealth with vCareCommand, a nationally awarded enterprise virtual care platform that delivers unparalleled flexibility and scalability to organizations of all sizes across the care continuum. With over 30 years of industry experience, we aim to eliminate barriers to quality care by offering turnkey virtual care integration, powerful AI-driven patient engagement, and full interoperability, including EHR and PACS integration. Our top-tier telehealth solutions are built to adapt and evolve with your organization, providing a seamless telemedicine experience and empowering healthcare providers to deliver paramount care anytime and anywhere.;

Electronic Caregiver

Electronic Caregiver delivers innovative personal care solutions using cutting-edge telehealth technology, providing 24/7 remote patient monitoring and chronic care management that supports a more independent lifestyle. Offering everything from personal security response to caregiver relief, our services are fully customizable, allowing care to be catered to individual needs and activity levels, ensuring your health is never compromised. From the portable Pro Health system designed for ease of use and optimal health management to the custom-tailored Premier system that accompanies you with features such as medication reminders and immediate access to healthcare professionals, our proactive care system offers more than just peace of mind but a comprehensive platform to maintain and enhance your overall wellness.;

Vis-À-Vis Health

Vis-À-Vis Health offers comprehensive telehealth services that provide holistic and personalized care, supporting a seamless, efficient transition of care from hospital to residence. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, our platform empowers clinicians with remote patient monitoring, chronic care management, and secure virtual consultations, backed by proactive telehealth care coordination. Across a wide range of states and with an emphasis on reducing rehospitalizations and streamlining healthcare delivery, we are focused on patient-centric care from anywhere, ensuring improved patient outcomes, reduced healthcare costs, and personalized healthcare experiences.;

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